Magento® Extensions that Increase Customer Engagement

Magento® Extensions that Increase Customer Engagement

You’ve created your online Magento® store and optimized it to attract your primary customer base. You’re ready to start bringing in sales, but before you do, you need to make sure your site is set up to engage visitors.

Keeping users on your site is a good step to converting them into customers, but there are many factors that go into keeping them engaged—and bringing them back for repeat sales. Everything from your design to your follow up can make a difference, and there are many extensions for Magento® that can help.

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Live Chat for On-Site Issues

Great customer service is the first step to encouraging returning customers.

A live chat tool is useful for customers looking for an immediate response. The Provide Support Live Chat Module allows customers to receive product inquiries in real time, which can lead to decreased cart abandonment rates and higher probability of return.

Its data collection is helpful. You can gather leads from inquiries, but also compile a list of frequently asked questions by Live Chat customers and use that data to improve your site.

live chat extension magento

Surveys for Feedback and Problem-Solving

Customer surveys, like a Live Chat option, allow for real customer feedback about your site and products. This is especially helpful for a Magento store that might see drop-offs due to a confusing navigation structure or long-winded checkout process.

By allowing your site visitors to answer questions about the site design, usefulness, adaptability, and more, you’re getting advice from potential customers who are looking for the products or services you’re selling. This is a step up from in-house or agency data analysis—you’re getting useful feedback from your target audience.

The survey extension allows for both on-site and after-purchase survey options, as well as the option to include an incentive for filling out the questionnaire. Find out how you can improve the look of your site and the quality of your products to keep visitors coming back for more.

survey extension magento

Analyze Shopper Behavior for a Better Experience

Understanding how customers are using your site can be the best tool for improving their overall engagement. There are a few extensions that can help analyze what users are searching for, and how their experience can be developed.

The ExtraWatch real-time heat map extension tracks onsite user behavior by monitoring the scrolling and clicking patters of your visitors. Use this data to determine if your navigation structure is easily understood and useful, if your calls-to-action are performing, and more.

See where you’re losing potential customers by tracking drop-offs and exit pages, or where your product search and checkout can be streamlined.

In addition to real-time behavior tracking, gather a list of frequently searched products or pages by adding a Search Extension. This adds a search bar to your Magento store and collects data on customer search behavior. Bonus—this tool also adapts to search trends to deliver the best possible results for your site visitors.

You can also gather information on what pages are converting site visitors into newsletter subscribers using the Advanced Newsletter Data Extension. This gives important information about the behavior of newsletter subscribers, which can inform your marketing strategy.

Off-Site Engagement: Newsletters, Product Reviews and Sales Recovery

Customer engagement doesn’t end on your site. To foster engagement and return customers, consider adding extensions that connect with visitors once they’ve purchased an item or left your site.

The Abandoned Cart Extension can decrease your percentage of lost sales by alerting the customer to an abandoned cart. Add an additional incentive coupon to turn unsure buyers into returning customers.

Another extension that can increase your returning customer base is the Product Review Extension, which creates a coupon for the user when a purchased product is reviewed and approved. Reach out to previous customers and let them share their satisfying experience—or let them help you improve with any negative feedback. The extra incentive to review can incite them to continue to buy, but can also alert new customers to great products.

newsletter extension magento

Finally, establishing a customer community within your Magento store is as simple as constant communication. Use the Advanced Newsletter extension to subscribe users and keep them up to date on new or discounted products.

In most cases, a strong engagement strategy can be your best approach to increasing sales and return customers. Use these simple, easy-to-install extensions to start connecting with your site visitors and improving your store experience.

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