How to Craft the Perfect Magento Newsletter

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Internet marketing experts say having a decent newsletter campaign is essential. Here are our tips for crafting the perfect Magento newsletter.

How to Craft the Perfect Magento Newsletter

Whatever your message might be, a Magento newsletter is the simplest way to get it across. More modern methods of Internet marketing, such as social media advertising are effective. They also work well, but email is still the top tool.

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Why Newsletters are Important in eCommerce

Why Newsletters are Important in eCommerce - How to Craft the Perfect Magento Newsletter

Newsletters are product-focused content. Businesses send them through email to all the clients who have subscribed to the service.

The newsletter is an essential method of communication. Companies can use it to interact with potential and existing customers. You can use it to improve your brand value and position yourself as a leader in front of your target audience.

The new Magento 2 newsletter offers plenty of opportunities to fashion a niche in your line of business. Online companies use newsletters to keep their brands top-of-mind for consumers. One of the best ways to inform readers of merchandise that may interest them is to place it in the Magento newsletter queue.

The Magento 2 newsletter extension also institutes authority in the space. They must have a measurable impact on the business. This feature is what ties them to other marketing initiatives.

How Marketing Newsletter Can Help Your Business

  • Increasing the number of people who have read the newsletter – measured by the Open Rate
  • Increasing the number of recipients – measured in Subscribers
  • Increasing the click-through-rate
  • Increasing the number of readers who buy from the site

Magento Newsletter Best Practices

Magento Newsletter Best Practices - How to Craft the Perfect Magento Newsletter

One of the important, yet often overlooked, Magento prerequisites is to determine whether you need such a campaign. If you have a constant flow of relevant content to share with your audience, then you can proceed.

The second step is to let subscribers know what they will be receiving from you. It’s also a good idea to tell them how often they will hear from your brand.

You should also keep the content balanced. A good rule of thumb is 10 percent promotional material and 90 percent educational.

Magento Newsletter Subjects

Plan to deliver appealing and consistent newsletter content to your readers. That’s the best way to keep a constant connection with them.

You can update them on current promotions. Or you can talk about an upcoming trade show, event, or festival in which you’re participating.

Advice posts also make excellent content. One popular topic is cart abandonment. Another option is to include a relevant blog post created by a third party.

Premium Magento Newsletter Email Tools

Notify Me When Back in Stock

You can add links in your newsletter content to the products you’re selling. What if these products are out of stock?

Magento has a Notify Me When Back in Stock extension. Your clients can subscribe to get an email when these products become available.

This extension helps you keep customers you would have otherwise lost. You make another sale when you inform clients. You can also increase the probability that they will return to your store. These are excellent ways to ensure their future loyalty.

This feature is easy to set up. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory
  • Under Stock Options, set “Display Out of Stock Products” to YES
  • Go back to Catalog > Product Alerts
  • The option “Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock” should say YES

Product Review Incentive

A product review is an essential source of info. It tells you the client’s views on the products they buy. In turn, this product review influences the purchasing choices of the store’s new clients.

A positive review helps you to gain new customers for that product or service. Sometimes buyers forget to review what they buy. Magento can provide the prompts for you.

You can use your newsletter to encourage customer reviews. Magento’s Product Review extension lets you give incentives for customers to leave product reviews. Use them to hook clients after they buy a product.

Your website administrators can manage review content. They also control which reviews end up on your product store pages.

They can also add incentives. For example, you can give the shopper a coupon code once the admins approve the review.

Magento: Send Newsletter Manually?

Send Newsletter Manually? - How to Craft the Perfect Magento Newsletter

Anyone who has an account with your store can get an automatic Magento newsletter subscription. Not all customers will like that arrangement. Thus, it’s better to request their consent.

Once customers have opted in, it’s easy to add them to your list of subscribers from your “Customers” tab. You can manage your subscribers from the appropriate section of the Marketing tab. Magento also gives you the option to allow guests to subscribe.

Magento’s built-in newsletter-sending functionality is a rare opportunity. It can help to grow your client base. It saves you a lot of time and expense, which can go into improving other aspects of your business.

Magento newsletters are a vital part of the client engagement and retention process. And the beautiful thing about them? You won’t need to install a third-party newsletter module on your Magento site.


The Magento extension can fulfil almost all your newsletter needs. Before you invest in anything else, take a look at Magento functionality for your website.

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