How to Increase Customer Reviews (and Increase Conversion Rates!)

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If you haven’t already, now is the time to add product reviews to your website (and see conversion rates soar!).

How to Increase Customer Reviews (and Increase Conversion Rates!)

Product reviews are a way for potential buyers to see how other customers have rated and reviewed your products. Reviews have been shown to increase overall conversion rates and generate additional website sales.

The best way to add reviews to your products is by appealing directly to the consumers that purchased the products. You always want to get real feedback from customers who have purchased and used your products.

However, obtaining reviews can be a challenge. In most cases, consumers will only leave feedback if they have something negative to say – like a delivery issue or faulty product. Encouraging positive feedback can be more challenging – that’s where the

The Product Review Incentive Extension comes in.

The plugin helps you to send incentives to customers in return for honest reviews of your products. The extension generates exclusive coupon codes and delivers them to the customer when their product review has been approved by the admin.

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Product Review Incentive Extension for Magento 2

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The Product Review Incentive extension for Magento 2 allows the admin to send automatic product review incentive emails to customers after they have purchased a product. When a customer leaves a review, it must be approved by the admin.

When the review is approved by the admin and is posted, a unique coupon code is then emailed to the customer so that that can use it to purchase more products.

All of the reviews can be fully moderated with this extension, and the admin has the ability to decide whether a customer’s review is posted live on a product page.

In the extension settings, it’s possible to define how long to wait after a product is purchased to send a review request email. Also, what discount percentage you want to offer in exchange for the product review.

Only one coupon is available per review, so reviews of multiple products would result in multiple coupon codes being sent to the customer. The admin can decide how big or small to make the discount percentage in the settings.

product reviews

Additionally, you can set up a custom product review incentive campaign and define which customers you want to send feedback requests to.

It’s possible to choose which customers to send campaigns to based on the product or product category, customer’s geo-location or by manually selecting users.

Another helpful feature is just to apply the notification to anyone who has ever made a purchase, but has not yet left a review.

This can encourage customers who previously purchased products to come back to your store to leave a product review and make more purchases.

The coupon code can be fully customized at any given time and create a number of different offers for each of your product review incentive campaigns.

Sophisticated Notifications System For Product Reviews

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This product review incentive extension will notify the admin as soon as a product review is submitted by the customer.

Then it’s possible to approve feedback for publication on each individual product page, and your customers will be able to use their coupon code on the next purchase they make at your store.

The incentive email can be fully scheduled by the admin, who can decide to send it within a day, week, month or a custom time.

It’s important to note that the only options for the validity of the coupon are within one week and one month of its creation.

This email is fully customizable with HTML, rich formatting and the ability to add multiple images as well. Shortcodes can be added to the emails that include customer names to save time.

Since all product reviews have to be approved by the admin to get the coupon code, any reviews which are rejected will result in the customer not being sent a coupon code.

Detailed Coupon Tracking Reports Available

With this extension, you will receive regular reports with statistical information on how well your review incentives are doing.

With this information it’s possible to make changes to review incentives and campaigns to best fit your business needs.

It’s possible to easily monitor and filter all of the posted product reviews using a single dashboard, which makes reviewing reports much easier.

Product Review Incentive Video Tutorial

product review magento extension tutorial videoLearn how to increase customer’s incentive to leave product reviews on your Magento store, using The Product Review Magento 2 Extension by CreativeMinds!

This video tutorial will explain:

  • How to create the email template that will be sent to your customers when their product review is approved
  • How to add fields to the email template using the review extension’s shortcodes
  • How to define the discount rate on your coupon code
  • How to view and approve received product reviews
  • How to view sent notifications and track usage of your coupon codes

Product Review Incentive Extension for Magento 2 from

This product review incentive extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds helps your online store and product pages gain credibility. In addition, your online store will experience an increased conversion rate and overall sales.

There will be an overall increase in user-generated content thanks to customer submitted product reviews and more reviews on individual products.

You can easily create customized email templates to send to customers, and track coupon codes that are sent out to see how often their used. The percentage of each coupon can also be defined.

The customization options of this plugin allow for the product review incentive emails to be scheduled out and the coupon codes valid for set periods of time.

This extension allows for admin to completely customize the review incentive for the customer and make the best choices for their business and product success.

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