Top Magento Hosting Options: Best Companies for Successful eCommerce

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Magento is one of the top e-commerce platforms, but your hosting service can make or break an eCommerce store. Here are the top Magento hosting options for success.

Top Magento Hosting Options: Best Companies for Successful eCommerce

Magento is on open-source application which allows online stores to create the overall look and feel of their e-commerce website as well as a fully integrated flexible shopping system. It’s essential to take a look at the top Magento hosting options to start right.

Magento also provides users with helpful marketing and management tools, and has a large community of users with helpful guides and information. Magento is designed to be utilized as an application by someone who isn’t a developer.

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Magento is simple to install and use, to provide scalable and flexible e-commerce solutions. There are more than 50 payment gateways, with many ways to offer discounts and promotions on products and services.

Because Magento is such a popular e-commerce solution, it offers a number of great features to help e-commerce store owners achieve success in their business, by taking care of more automated tasks.

These tasks include displaying related items on a product page, upselling offers and cross-promotions, highly customizable coupons and special pricing rules, configured tiered pricing, creating category landing pages, multiple shipping options and more.

Hosting services allow users to upload content websites and online stores to make e-commerce possible. There are a plethora of web hosting options for Magento users, and many of them have helpful features, reasonable prices and are highly rated by users.

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Top Magento Hosting

Top Magento Hosting - Top Magento Hosting - Best Companies For a Successful eCommerce

1. HostGator

HostGator already hosts over eight million websites worldwide, and they offer an automatic install for Magento, so all you have to do is click one button. They provide shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

In addition, users can get unrestricted amounts of storage and bandwidth, You also get unlimited subdomains and unlimited email accounts and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

2. SiteGround

First created back in 2004, SiteGround is one of the most popular names in web hosting today. One of their key features is their excellent 24/7 support options. They also provide one-click installation, automatic updates, and backend security and site speed options.

SiteGround offers web hosting services for just $3.95/month, with a focus on unlimited shared hosting solutions, although hosting multiple websites can cost $5.95/month. It’s a good choice for beginners using Magento, although it has limited storage options.

3. Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is an excellent choice for small businesses or anyone just starting out with web hosting options. They offer unlimited bandwidth and storage and also give you access to their web builder.

They have three basic plans, Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo plans. Spark is the basic plan, costing $2.99 a month, and Dynamo is the ultimate plan offered at $6.99 a month. Support is available via phone, live chat, and email ticket based system.

4. BlueHost

BlueHost - Top Magento Hosting - Best Companies For a Successful eCommerce

This is one of the best hosting plans for Magento given their fast loading speeds. BlueHost is one of the most recognized names in hosting, and offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and virtual private server hosting plans.

Web hosting plans for Magento start at just $2.75 a month and include yearly payments with excellent uptime and site speed. Additional features include 24/7 customer service support, a free domain name for a year, 1-click install and many more features.

5. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is an excellent choice is you’re creating an online store for a business in the United States, due to its multiple locations and 24/7 support options.

nMotion Hosting offers business hosting plans for just $6.39/month and a commitment to helping businesses grow in the digital age. This is the shared hosting plan price, which includes unlimited bandwidth.

InMotion Hosting - Top Magento Hosting - Best Companies For a Successful eCommerce

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a high performing web hosting service option that was actually created by web developers for web developers. A2 Hosting is offering web hosting for a limited time offer of $3.92/month and includes every type of hosting you could ever need.

This web hosting option includes 4 different options including single-site hosting and fully managed hosting. One thing to keep in mind is that A2 Hosting is a good choice for more advanced Magento users.

7. GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks is a web hosting platform that are fast, secure and eco-friendly. The lite plan is just $2.95 per month, the pro plan is $5.95 per month and the premium plan is $11.95 per month with unlimited websites, data transfer and more.

They are the only web hosting company dedicated to leaving a positive energy footprint on the environment. They are currently hosted on over five hundred thousand websites worldwide and have been around for forty years.

Liquid Web Hosting - Top Magento Hosting - Best Companies For a Successful eCommerce

8. iPage

iPage offers great hosting plans for just $1.99 per month with a free domain registration. Additional features include thousands of free templates, free ssl certificate, free domain transfer and more.

9. CloudWays Hosting

Since 2011, Cloudways has been providing a significant number of Magento store owners with managed cloud hosting. One unique feature is how Cloudways offers a ‘vertical scaling’ feature that allows you to change the size of your server through the GUI interface.

They offer several security features, including IP whitelisting, firewall, database security, application isolation, and two-factor authentication. They have four plans, which range from ten dollars a month to eighty dollars a month with additional features.


Magento Hosting - Top Magento Hosting - Best Companies For a Successful eCommerce

When it comes to hosting, there are many different options.

Your e-commerce store will be successful when you take the time to do some research and decide which web hosting platform will be right for your business. Which one has the features and price point you are looking for?

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