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Upsell and Cross Sell Plugin for Easy Digital Download

Plugin is Not Supported Anymore
Supports adding upsell products in easy digital downloads checkout based on what users have in the cart.

Plugin also supports offering cross sell based on product id or user previous purchases.

Upsell and Cross Sell for Easy Digital Download Plugin

The Upsell and Cross Sell pro for EDD lets the admin define a set of rules, which once triggered will display an upsell or cross sell list of products to the user with the option to add each product to the cart.

Including Upsell and Cross-Sale Widget on any Post

Plugin supports showing upsell product based on what user already has in the cart. Second supported option is to add a shortcode to any product page / post and to show related cross-sell offering.
Showing upsell widget
Showing upsell widget

A third option is to add a shortcode to the user profile and based on previous purchases and user id to offer cross-sell products.

Upsell and Cross Sell Pro Rules

Setting the rules is easy and is made by using an interface in which the admin can select between fixed amount discounts for the upsell products or percentage based discount.

Configuring your Cross-Sells and Upsells

The admin can list one or more upsell products. The admin also needs to set the conditions which once triggered will show the upsell products. Each rule has an expiration date and can be also be limited to specific users based on the username or the user role.
Setting scren for defining upsell and crossel
Setting scren for defining upsell and crossel

Using the Upsell and Cross Sell Pro for EDD

  • Boost your sales by offering upsell and cross-sale products
  • Show upsell products to the checkout cart based on user items in the cart
  • Show cross sell products in any page or post based on the product id
  • Show cross sell products in any page or post based on the user id while looking at user previous purchases
  • Support gift product selection on checkout

Upsell and Cross Sell Prerequisite Plugin

Easy Digital Downloads

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Upsell and Cross Sell for Easy Digital Download Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Upsell in checkout – Add a shortcode or filter to the EDD checkout to show upsell products based on what the user already added to the cart – Use the shortcode “edd_upsells_pro”
  • Upsell in product page – Add a shortcode to any product page or blog post with the product id together with the option id. The output will be related cross-sell offers for this product – use the shortcode “edd_upsells_pro product_id=”””
  • Upsell in customer dashboard – Add a shortcode with the user id to any page or post to show all related offering available to this user based on his previous purchases – use the shortcode “edd_upsells_pro user_id=”x””
  • Gift product – Offer users a gift product on checkout. User can select the free product from several available gift products offered

Upsell and Cross Sell for Easy Digital Download Image Gallery

Upsell and Cross Sell Pro for Easy Digital Download Demo

This demo shows the usage of a shortcode showing all related upsell products based on product id. When using the product id you also need to indicate the option id as part of it. So in this example we placed 98442_1 as he product id is 98442 and the option is 1

If user chooses to buy one of the products the plugin checks if the product itself is in the cart and if not add it first before adding the cross sell product

Version 1.0.7 6th April 2017

  • Fixed the bug disallowing the 0% discount upsells
  • Added the option to disable showing the old price
  • Fixed the bug with the custom Upsell Label not appearing correctly
  • Added the option allowing to change the static part of Upsell Custom Label

Version 1.0.6 29th Dec 2016

  • Fixed the rare bug with the discounts being multiplied

Version 1.0.5 20th Dec 2016

  • Added setting under a tab in EDD config

Version 1.0.4 13th Dec 2016

  • Fixed the conflict with EDD Recurring stopping it from showing on Checkout page

Version 1.0.3 22nd Sep 2016

  • Added free product gift and offering selection

Version 1.0.2 26th June 2016

  • Ensured the compatibility with EDD 2.6.0+

Plugin First Release 07th April 2016

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