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Our NLP & Data Science team offers tailor-made solutions for small – medium size companies.

We use the power of AI to explore your business data, vision, requirements, and product opportunities.

Our professional team will design the right solution for your business and implement it using custom software combined with Machine Learning, Deep learning, Big Data, data analysis, industry best practices and available APIs utilization, like Google API, IBM’s Watson, etc.

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Analysis Process


Need to understand the impact of NLP and Machine Learning technologies on your business?

We offer an in-depth analysis process to identify how you can benefit from integrating such technologies into your business

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Work with us to develop a complete custom solution based on your specific use case

NLP and machine learning technologies can help in improving your business performance and competence

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Working with CreativeMinds’
Data Science Team

CreativeMinds has combined its years of expertise in the creation of innovative products with machine learning chief scientist Amit Shkolnik‘s proven ability in NLP and Machine Learning.

Our NLP and Machine Learning team brings together 15 years of experience in the data analysis and algorithms domain and for the last 6 years has focused mainly on Natural Language Processing combined with Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Neural Networks).

Our NLP and Machine Learning team can offer initial FREE consultation to help you understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve your business performance.

Our proven abilities can ensure that our solution can be easily integrated into your business infrastructure and work alongside your existing applications and business logic.



We are not solo: we are a team with a deep understanding of NLP, Machine learning and integration into existing business applications
NLP Expertise

Hire NLP Expertise

No dirty tricks: our professionals specialize in Machine Learning and NLP and can help in tailoring the right solution for your business

Complete Service

We will help you understand how NLP and Machine learning can improve your business performance and help you develop such solution

Roadmap and Budget

While NLP and Machine Learning processes can be costly and long we can ensure a defined roadmap that fits into your budget and timetable

Natural Language Processing Services

Natural Language Processing is fast becoming Artificial Intelligence’s new frontier which we all are using on daily basis – Siri, Google search, chatbots, automatic translation are just some examples.

NLP can offer much more within your organization. We can combine together with your existing business applications tailor-made solution to analyze text, understand the conclusions without human effort, turn unstructured data into tabular data and much more.


Meaning Extraction

Summarizing documents, facts extraction, Who-did-what. We will extract the important facts, numbers, companies names, activities, and what is needed to utilize the text and save many man-years of work.

No more need to read long reports by your analyst team. The NLP will do the heavy work for your business. Your employees will do only one thing – thinking!


Text Classification and Clustering

Creating automatic text classification for documents, incoming mails, customers tickets, etc.

Need to sort data and direct it to the right person? Can’t search any more because your data became an ocean of texts? We can create specific classification, clustering and tagging tools that will handle it for you.

Unstructured Data Becomes Metadata

Often there is valuable data in our documents and texts, but we can’t utilize it as we can’t query it using common data tool such as databases and BI (Business Intelligence).

We will turn your document into queryable data, and store it in your database so the text will turn into… knowledge!


Improve your Search Engine

Searching is still an exhausting task, consuming time and often ending without the expected results.

By using the proper search engine or enhancing an existing one with the right tagging and data & text indexing, we will ensure that you can find the right data item in any granularity level.


Name Entity Recognition

Often you need to track entities in huge pile of text – daily news, financial reports, government data. Those entities might be companies with common names, people, and others. Is it the Apple? or the Big Apple or just an apple?

A good Entity Recognition mechanism will save time, effort and avoid many errors.

Data Science Services

Data is the new gold, and there is a lot of it, about 2.5 X 1012 NEW GB every day! The main issue is how can we squeeze all that gold out of the data?

You need the right team to collect and process this data for you. This task is not easy by any means, and should not be left in the hands of people who are not data pros. The right mix of programmers, database administrators and data scientists is needed in order to do this work.


Data Scraping

Dealing with external data is mostly about the “how can we get more of this data with lower costs?”

Our scrapers and data information officers can find the right sources for you, and adapt the automatic scraper to load it into your system on a regular basis.


Big Data ETL

Our team has expertise in various database systems – MySql, MS SQL, Postgre, Mongo, SOLR.

We will create the right process pipe to extract, transfer, organize, merge and load huge amount of data into actionable databases.


Predictive Analysis

Using machine learning, deep learning and statistical model, data analysis is the magic that finds the answer you are looking for.

Detecting trends, sales predicting, pinpointing bottlenecks you couldn’t find, recommendation system, anomaly detection and much more.


Data Modeling

Big data, and often even data, can turn into a headache of performance issue, optimization, storage and information retrieval problems.

Our data experts will solve the bottlenecks, and design the solution that will serve you, not the data.


SEO and Conversions

Our web experts and data science team analyze your traffic from both points of view in order to appeal to every search engine and increase traffic, conversion and purchases.

The focus is always to come up with actionable suggestions which can lead profitable strategies.

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