Member Listing Solution

Simple and easy turnkey solution to handle member or expert directory of any size

Host a directory where hundreds of professionals or specialists can share files and documents. All shown in an eye-catching index linking to unique pages!

The Member Directory WordPress solution includes payment and moderation support, installation and design assistance

How Can a Member Listing Help
My Organization or Community

A Member Directory is a complete information hub.

  • The listing shows all people in a beautiful grid with unique pages filled with images, contact information and links.
  • Visitors can learn about each person’s background, portfolio and contact information.
  • List your employees and let visitors contact them via a customizable form. Alternatively, charge external professionals to include their profile in the listing.
  • Register your members in WordPress and let them share files and documents


Stakeholder Directory

Create a beautiful index with all personnel essential to your organization or business.

Each person gets an unique page with images, videos, expertise, background and links.

Visitors can get in touch directly with them via a customizable form. That way they don’t have to share their email

Easily set up a file directory where everyone can share spreadsheets and presentations.

The Business Listing solution is perfect for medium to big organizations.

LinkedIn For Academics

List specialists of different areas, such as Physics, Mathematics and Social Sciences.

Include images, examples of their work, portfolio and complete academic background.

Users can share files, and the admin can moderate uploads.

Visitors can also fill a detailed to form to contact each of them.

Perfect for schools, colleges and other academic institutions.

What Should I Expect From This Offer?

The Member Listing Solution offers you the complete package.

  • We contact you to learn about your requirements, install and configure the solution on your server and provide support during the whole process.
  • The basic package grants you a site with a master listing organized in relevant categories, unique pages for each member and a file sharing platform.
  • You can choose to charge users to suggest listings.
  • If you have extra requests, CreativeMinds evaluates the best and most cost-effective way to implement them.

Process: How We Match Our Member Listing
Solution To Your Needs

Call About Requirements

We have an in-depth conversation about your needs and turn them into a plan

Developing Missing Components

We adjust our solution and add any missing functionality to match your requirements

Selecting the Tools

We choose from our wide range of existing plugins and proprietary modules


We test our package to make sure the it matches the initial requirements


We agree on an implementation plan with clear milestones


We install our solution on the target server and in a testing environment if needed

Member Listing Out-of-the-box Functionality

Installation and Configuration

Install and configure our solution on your target servers

Payment Support

Charge users for creating listing and set different prices depending on their level

Application Design

We assist with implementing a new professional design on the section dedicated to the listing

Tailored Search and Filters

Search, rank and filter members. Perfect for organizations with massive amounts of data

Custom Fields

Create custom fields, such as “Accolades” or “Awards” or “References”, to describe experts

Training Session

If you feel overwhelmed, we can have a single one-on-one session to show you the ropes

Users Can Edit and Suggest

Let users edit and suggest new members, given that you approve each request made

File Sharing

Let users share files privately or publicly and preview documents and media live

Support and Documentation

We provide in-depth documentation covering every setting present in the tools

Member Listing Costs

Member Listing Configuration and Installation

Turnkey Solution
Buildup, Configuration and Installation
  • Requirements analysis session
  • Any additional custom field
  • Tailored search filters
  • User registration and roles support
  • File sharing between users
  • Payment and subscription support
  • Member templates design and adjustments
  • Installation and configuration support
  • Online training session
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Reduced Hourly Rate

For additional development
per hour
  • Tailored import-and export
  • Add or change plugin features
  • Integration with other plugins
Add Unique Features

Our Solution Includes the Following
WordPress Plugins With All Their Add-ons

Member Directory

Build a rich member catalog or professional directory on your WordPress website

Member Payments

Charge users for publishing, editing or renewing a member listing

Registration and Invitation Codes

Manage invitations and add a customizable user registration and login pop-up box

Download Manager

Create a secure file sharing directory to easily upload, download and share files

We Accept All Major Credit Cards
Accepted payment methods include all Credit Cards and PayPal