Product Questions Extension M1 Tutorials

Manpreet Kaur,

    Product Questions Extension for Magento® 1

    The Product Questions Extension for Magento® provide your customer with an easy way to ask a question about any product on your store.

    This extension allows admin to manage questions and answers and choose which one of them should be shown on the product page.

    Product Questions Extension Email Notifications

    Email notifications are sent to the store admin once a new question is submitted and to customer once their question is answered.

    This extension adds the needed functionality to improve your store page with user generated content that comes directly from your target audience.

    The extension also provide the store administrator with useful feedback as for what might not be clear with your product description.

    For more information please visit the extension page

      Product Questions Add-on for Multi-Vendor Marketplace

      Multi Vendor Marketplace for Magento Questions and Answers AddOn allows customers to ask the vendors question about their products from the product page, vendors can answer the customer privately or publicly (means the question and answer will be published on the product page after admin approved it). All questions and answers are manageable also in Admin panel.

      For more information please visit the product page