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David Rashty,


  • 03:21

Curated Twitter Aggregator Plugin for WordPress

The Curated Twitter Aggregator plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds lets you aggregate tweets from Twitter users and hashtags while filtering only the tweets that have your defined keywords

You can aggregate tweets taken from several Twitter users and display them together in a formatted list and using a shortcode embed it in any post or page

This is a great tool for content marketing and knowledge sharing

For more information please visit https://www.cminds.com


  • 04:02

How to Create and Edit a Trail Using the CM Routes Manager Plugin for WordPress

This tutorial covers the trail editor which is part of the CM Routes Manager plugin for WordPress. The this editor you can mark waypoints and locations along the trail, delete a location, delete a waypoint, turn a location into a waypoint or turn a waypoint into a location, move waypoints and more. This editor helps you both with your GPX recorded file or routes which you draw yourself
For more information about this plugin visit WordPress.org for the free version or https://www.cminds.com for the Premium edition


  • 01:47

How to add Payments system to your WordPress Business Directory Plugin

The WordPress Directory payments plugin helps you to build local directories and business listings to embed on your WordPress site. Once users submit their listing for the first time or ask to renew existing listing you can require them to pay in order for the listing to appear . The payments system works together Easy Digital Downloads and more than 40 payments gateways including PayPal Stripe and many mores. To find more information about this product visit https://www.cminds.com/store/purchase-cm-business-directory-plugin-for-wordpress


  • 02:38

How to Manage your Purchases Using the CM Customer Dashboard

The video review the use and options available in the CM Customers Dashboard where you can manage your downloads, activate and deactivate your licenses, update your products, download invoices, update your profile and more


  • 02:12

Easily manage your Online courses with the CM Video Lessons Manager Plugin for WordPress

Our brand new Webinar Management plugin for WordPress allows you to manage video courses and lessons while allowing users and admin to track progress, leave notes and mark favorites; It also supports managing your own pay-per-view channels and opens them for views for a limited period of time.

Setting Up your Webinar Management console:

The plugin supports watching videos generated from Vimeo Private Video Channels. Once the admin sets the API key for the specified Vimeo account, the plugin will add the option to build several courses/ webinars / channels based on the channels that are already defined in the account. Using shortcodes, the admin can display the videos in any page or post and allow users to view the videos, leave notes, bookmark and receive progress updates.

Setting up your Pay-Per-View Payments:

Using our Webinar management plugin, Admins can lock any channel to be viewed only after a payment has been made. Payment is done by using CM MicroPayment and Easy Digital Downloads. It is possible to set a defined number of days during which the channel will be accessible following a payment before it is locked again.

Usage Reports and Tracking:

Admin can view progress reports for specific users and overall reports for channels watched. Admin can also let users view their personal progress.

More info and Free Download on : https://plugins.cminds.com/cm-video-lessons-manager-plugin-for-wordpress/


  • 01:43

Learn how to manage online banner ads campaigns across multiple WordPress Sites tutorial

The CM Ad Changer manages several banner advertising campaigns across multiple WordPress sites simultaneously. As an ad-server, plugin settings manage or restrict the showing of banner ads according to each campaign id parameters. Campaign settings include days of the week, custom ad campaign dates, and maximum numbers of impressions or clicks per banner. The ad-server's management console is intuitive and easy to use. View statistics for each campaign on multiple WordPress websites. This plugin is also available in the WordPress Repository.

More info and free download on: https://ad-changer.cminds.com/features


  • 03:52

WordPress Admin Tools Plugin by CreativeMinds

The Admin Tools plugin for WordPress is an “All you Need” set of tools to help you better manage and customize your WordPress admin dashboard.

The Admin Tools plugin was built after reviewing all articles with various suggestion on how to improve WordPress admin dashboard, we also reviewed all existing admin tools plugins and created an All In One admin toolset plugin which combines all needed features and controls for administrators.

Using the Admin Tools Plugin for WordPress
- Customize your admin dashboard look and feel
- Improve your site performance
- Limit post revisions or disable completely
- Empty trash and drafts across site with one button click
- Control you auto-save functionality
- Limit access to your admin dashboard
- Review your WordPress site health
- Enhance your admin capabilities and functionality

For more information please visit the product page https://www.cminds.com/store/wordpress-admin-tools-pro-plugin-by-creativeminds/


  • 01:59

eLearning WordPress Plugins to Facilitate Educational Activities

WordPress eLearning tools that can facilitate the learning activities. Include a set of tools that can support video lessons, download of content, collaboration and discussion, Pay Per Content models and more. All plugins work with the latest version of WP and all major themes.


  • 05:10

WordPress Welcome Message and Disclaimer Tutorial

The CM Welcome Message and Disclaimer Plugin for WordPress supports creating and tracking welcome popups and disclaimer messages used on your site. The Plugin helps you build, deploy and track how users interact with these messages, giving you valuable insights on how to improve their content.

The plugin comes with a tracking system which shows the performance of each of your banners.

Use cases
- Show a welcome message to new users accessing your site
- Ask users to accept your terms before viewing the site
- Add a disclaimer which users must accept before viewing the content


  • 06:16

Block Email Spam By Blacklisting Free Domain Registrations From WordPress

The CM WordPress Email Registration BlackList plugin blocks users using blacklisted domains from registering to your WordPress site, helping you to avoid unwanted spammers, viruses and Malware. This plugin will check if a user trying to register to your WordPress site is using an email from a domain which is defined in your own blacklists

Plugin Features
- Log of denied registrations
- Manually update domain list from spamassassin
- Manually add domains to blacklist
- Manually whitelist domains
- Define errors message to show to users trying to register
- Allow only Whitelisted domains to register

More info at https://plugins.cminds.com/cm-email-registration-blacklist-plugin-for-wordpress/