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Free Gift Discount Extension for Magento® 2 by CreativeMinds

Let store admin define free gift products to be added to a cart when a product is purchased that matches a defined shopping cart price rule.

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Free Gift extension is a great tool for offering promotions and increasing sales and customer satisfaction

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Magento 2 Free Gift Product Extension

The Magento Free Gift with Purchase Extension by CreativeMinds allows admin to add additional shopping cart price rules to their Magento store and grant customers a free gifts with purchase.

Product Promotions

Once a product which has a promotion is added to cart, an additional product will be added to reflect the promotion and the promotion message will show up above the cart.

The admin can customize the label, adding any message in any language.

Cart highlighting the free product and promotion message
Cart highlighting the free product and promotion message

Easily Setup Free Product Rules

The admin can specify free gift products to be added to a customer's shopping cart, and/or a custom discount, whenever a product is matched against the defined shopping cart price rule.

An optional custom discount amount (percent) can be specified in the “Discount Amount” fields.

Admin rule settings for a gift item
Admin rule settings for a gift item

The admin can specify multiple free gift products by adding the product SKUs and separating them with commas. Quantity of a free gift product is determined by the number of times the same SKU is entered, so admin can grant several of the same free gift with purchase based on the specified shopping cart price rule.

Using the Free Gifts Extension

  • Offer a free gift product with purchase
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free (BOGO) promotions
  • Offer free or discounted promo items
  • Increase sale incentives
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Free Gift Extension Admin Capabilities

  1. Shopping cart price rules- Admin can apply free gift products and discounts to specific store items by creating advanced shopping cart price rules
  2. Free gift with purchase- Define free gift products which will be added to the shopping cart automatically whenever a purchase matches the defined shopping cart price rule

Magento Free Gift with Purchase Additional Resources

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Free Gift Extension Features

Magento Free Gift with Purchase Extensions by CreativeMinds

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Integration feature iconShopping Cart Price Rules – Create advanced shopping cart price rules to offer free product(s) with purchase
Gift - Feature IconFree Gift – Define one or more products to be added to the cart for free when another product is purchased
Two Columns - Feature IconBuy 1 Get 1 – Create buy one get one free (BOGO) deals
Shipping - Feature IconInventory Reduction – Helps reduce extra or outdated inventory
code feature iconCustom Promos – Use advanced shopping cart rules to customize free gift promotions
Funnel, filter feature iconApply to Specific Orders – Limit the orders a specific discount or free gift applies to

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Free Gift Product Extension Image Gallery

Front-End – Free Gift During Checkout

Back-End – Creating a Free Gift Promotion

Free Gift Product Extension Frequently Asked Questions

  • Free Gift Extension User Guide
  • Does this extension work with products grouped together?

    Yes. This discount can be applied to a product within a bundle of grouped products. So long as one of the products within the group matches the SKU required, then the free gift will be added.

    Can this be applied to specific orders?

    The Free Gift extensions acts as a shopping cart rule. Depending on a product that the customer has added to the cart a Free Gift may be added. Once the Checkout process is completed the free gift will be part of the order. The extension does not affect orders retrospectively.

    Are there any limits to the parameters that can be set for free gifts??

    No. The initial settings are set to 0 Maximum parameters. To limit the promotion the administrator must change these.

    How many free gifts can be applied to one order?

    There is no limit to the number of free gifts that can be applied to one order. You can keep adding as many free gifts as you like.

    Can a free gift and a custom discount be applied to one order?

    Yes. That is precisely what the extension was designed for. This extension adds the ability to offer a free gift ON TOP of giving them a discount when their cart has met some necessary conditions.

    Can any product, old or new, be eligible for a free gift discount?

    The free gift discount can be applied to any product within your Catalog, old or new.

    Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



    Free Gift Product Extension Release Notes

    Extension Version 1.0.1 17th May 2019

    • fix: cminds logo added and change display position in configuration
    • fix: added the require changes in composer json

    1.0.0 20th Dec 2018

    • First release of M2 version.

    Extension First Release 18th December 2014