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Hide certain product, catalog, and CMS pages from selected customers or customer groups by using the Catalog Permission extension for Magento 2.

Catalog Permission Extension for Magento 2

Limit category, products or CMS pages access to customer and customer groups using the Catalog Permission extension for Magento 2.

Grant special permissions due to business reasons, for example, showing special offers and catalog pages for B2B customers or wholesalers, or hide prices and the add to cart button to make users log in.

This handy permissions extension supports FPC (Full-Page Cache), helping decrease load times of your site. Learn more: Magento User Guide.

Restrict By Customers and Customer Groups

The Magento 2 Catalog Permission extension allows you to hide certain product, catalog and CMS pages from selected customers or customer groups.

All the restrictions are based on special rules where you can define what customers and customer groups can get a permission.

Customer Categories Restriction In The Backend
Customer Categories Restriction In The Backend

Restrict By Certain Categories, Products And CMS Pages

Limit access to specific CMS pages with Promotions to logged in customers only, or give a permission to several catalog pages to effectively optimize the visibility of your store.
Manage All The Restrictions In One Place
Manage All The Restrictions In One Place

Display An Error Message and Redirect To Another Page

Show a custom error message once users will try to go to a restricted page to improve user experience.

Moreover you can smoothly redirect customers to a specific URL or another website.

The Example Of Restriction On The Frontend
The Example Of Restriction On The Frontend

For example, if a user clicks on a restricted page A, you can redirect them to a different page B.

Using the Magento Catalog Permission Extension

  • Easily create an unlimited number of permissions or delete the recently created ones.
  • Create multiple rules to restrict products, categories by specific customers and customer groups.
  • Create multiple rules to restrict CMS pages by specific customers and customer groups.
  • Show customized error message to block customers.
  • Manage all the restrictions in one place
  • Set the priority in showing restrictions
  • Redirect customers to another URL
  • Hide price block and “add to cart” button
  • Add custom restriction labels visible for the admin

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Catalog Permission Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Restrict Products, Categories – Hide selected product and catalog pages from visitors
Restrict by Customers or Group – Hide certain CMS pages, for example with sales, for customers and customer groups
Supports FPC – Have your store load much faster with our FPC (Full-Page Cache) support. Learn more: Full-Page Cache | Magento User Guide
Blocked Message – Send message for each restriction explaining why the customer is being redirected
Centralized Management – Create and manage all restrictions in a separate section from the Backend
Smart Priority – If you set products and categories restrictions for the same customers, the products restrictions will be prioritized
Redirect – Send users to a separate page or website for good user experience
Hide Price or “Add to Cart” Button – Prioritize other aspects of the shop by hiding prices or the Add To Cart button

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Magento Catalog Permission Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Can the guest user be able to access private categories?

After setting up customer categories restrictions for not logged in users, the guests won’t get access to the specified categories.

To restrict access to the not logged in users, go to CATALOG > Catalog Permissions and set Customer Group Categories or Products Restriction. You can also add a message and redirect guests to the login page.

Can admin assign multiple categories, products or CMS pages?

Yes, admin can assign multiple categories, products or CMS pages in bulk to a certain customer or customer groups. Just go to the Add New Restriction page.

Then find the Categories Selection section and select multiple categories in bulk. The same is applied to products.

Can I hide prices using the Magento 2 Catalog Permission extension?

Yes, the restriction called Customer Sales Information. The restriction allows hiding prices for the selected customer or disabling the Add to Cart button.

Magento Catalog Permission Extension Release Notes

Version 1.2.5 from 7th Feb 2021

  • Fix problem with product filters on search pages
  • Compatibility with 2.4.1

Version 1.2.3 from 1st Feb 2021

  • Fix problem with menu caching
  • User-friendly identifiers on restrictions grid
  • Add menu categories hiding for restricted categories

Version 1.2.1 from 12th Jan 2021

  • Menu category items hiding regarding configured restriction

Version 1.1.0 from 8th July 2020

  • Add full FPC support.
  • Add php7.3 support

Version 1.0.1 from 28th May 2019

  • feat: Displaying module version in admin backend for visual control in client side
  • fix: Cminds logo added in configuration
  • fix: Some code fix

Extension First Release 1st April 2019

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