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Our Magento CIM Extension integrates with CIM, allowing customers to save their credit card for use during future purchases, by creating and storing the customer profile on secure servers.

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The Magento CIM extension gives returning customers the convenience of not needing to re-enter Credit Card information each time they make a purchase.

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The Magento Customer Information Manager (CIM) extension allows you to create and save customer profiles and credit cards on the secure payment gateway servers for later use.

This gives returning customers the conveniea nce of not needing to re-enter payment information each time they purchase.

How the Magento CIM Extension Works

Saving Credit Card Information During Checkout

When a customer makes their first purchase using the CIM payment gateway, they are given a form to enter credit card information.

If customers choose to store the credit card information, the next time they make a purchase they can either enter a new card or choose the one they used previously.

Checkout screen with CIM section embedded
Checkout screen with CIM section embedded

Managing Saved Credit Card Information

If customers no longer want to keep a credit card on file, there is a section in their 'My Account' area where they can view, edit, and delete their stored credit cards.
The my credit cards section in the customer account
The my credit cards section in the customer account

Using the CIM Payment Gateway Extension

  • Customer Convenience– Simplify the purchase process for returning customers
  • Saved Credit Cards– Save credit card information using CIM
  • PCI Compliance- Saving payment information securely
  • User Experience– Enhanced purchase process and user experience

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Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension. CIM – Authorize.Net CIM (Customer Information Manager) allows for credit card number and related information to be stored in the customer account.
PCI-Compliant – Credit card information is not stored in your local server or store database. Only a “token” will be stored in your Magento’s database.
Save Credit Card – Customer can save credit card during checkout for quick use on future orders.
Credit Card Information – Customer has ability to add/edit/delete credit card information from their customer account page. This includes credit card number and credit card type. CIM Extension Image Gallery CIM Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Can the customer modify their information?

Yes the customer is free to Add new credit cards, edit existing card information or delete existing cards at their leisure.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there a risk that if my site is hacked, customer card information can be obtained?

No. Customer’s card data is not stored on your site. Only the last few digits are. The card details are stored on the secure servers of, so if you are the victim of some malicious visitors your customers will be protected.

The extension connects to via an API key.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Does this extension work with guest checkout?

The Authorize extension will not hinder the guest checkout’s functionality, but no customer information is stored or retrieved, so the card information cannot be retrieved.

What customer information is visible to the site Admin?

The site admin can see the card type, the expiry month and year and the last four digit’s of the customer’s card. This allows for the admin to help customers manage cards without having access to information they shouldn’t.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Does this CIM extension save the credit card for each website ?

This is an option yes. The site administrator can choose whether or not to share customers and their card information between websites in the admin panel.

Does this extension work with multiple stores?

Yes. The the Creative minds Extension for can work across multiple stores.

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