7 Reasons To Get a Complete Plugin Suite

Courtney Jones

When you have a WordPress website, you need to add premium plugins to increase the functionality of your website. Essential tools like security, SEO, directories and much more is added from plugins.

7 Reasons To Get a Complete Plugin Suite

There are many different premium plugins available for WordPress, and you want to pick plugins which have the best quality and accomplish the solutions that you are looking for.

When you have a WordPress website, you need to add premium plugins to increase the functionality of your website. Essential tools like security, SEO, directories and much more is added from plugins.

There are many different premium plugins available for WordPress, and you want to pick plugins which have the best quality and accomplish the solutions that you are looking for.

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Benefits of a WordPress Plugins Suite

Benefits of a WordPress Plugins Suite  - 7 Reasons To Get a Complete Plugin Suite

Focus on Plugin Quality Over Quantity

There are a huge amount of WordPress plugins for customers to consider, and more are added all the time. Making the right choice takes research and can seem overwhelming.

The more WordPress plugins you have, the more space they take up, which can slow down your website. There is also a chance that plugins will run into issues being compatible with each other.

Choosing how many plugins to have on your website is an important step for success, and it’s a good idea to choose top quality options that fulfill your business’s needs. Less is more with the right plugin solutions.

Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

Security is a major concern with any website. WordPress has excellent plugin options to protect your website from harmful attacks and spammers.

Having a whole bunch of different plugins can also make your website vulnerable. Improperly coded plugins can be easy for hackers to access.

One solution is to have a WordPress security plugin which fulfills all of your security needs, from blocking spammers, to blacklisting emails to protect login, and running virus scans on websites to catch any issues.

Proven Reliability

Proven Reliability - 7 Reasons To Get a Complete Plugin Suite

WordPress plugins are constantly being updated and changed. However, sometimes plugins are discontinued and retired, making them incompatible with your WordPress website.

When WordPress plugins are bought from the same place, this brings a consistency to updates and changes that you cannot find anywhere else. Plugins will be updated regularly due to the open source software.

Top quality plugins are always kept up to date, with zero or incredibly limited issues and great support response.

It’s More Affordable

There are WordPress plugins which are available completely for free, and there are WordPress plugins which you need to purchase to use. This means buying lots of plugins can add up over time.

However, when you purchase a WordPress plugins suite with premium plugins, you are actually saving a bunch of money since you are purchasing in bulk.

The suite of plugins is usually offered for a discounted price as well, so you pay a one-time fee and get all the plugins you need to run your website successfully.

More Custom Options and Flexibility

More Custom Options and Flexibility - 7 Reasons To Get a Complete Plugin Suite

WordPress plugins are very flexible, and they can easily be customized to fit the look and feel of your website. This is possible thanks to the coding used in the plugin.

This means that having the same developer or developer team is a key step in having plugins which have similar custom options.

Niche Vs. Mass Market

There are WordPress plugin companies that are small and there are some which are large. The larger WordPress companies tend to have a landmark plugin which solves a specific niche, like SEO. These plugins are well made and popular, but it’s basically the only plugin you can buy.

With smaller companies, they focus on releasing multiple plugins that solve a bunch of different WordPress issues, including niches.

Buying a WordPress plugins suite means you can get security, SEO, business directories, eLearning, marketing, publishing and more options at once, instead of finding a different large company to purchase each one from.

Customer Support

When you purchase WordPress plugins, sometimes they are made by different people and different companies. Installing and using plugins can vary, depending on who makes them and how they work.

If you buy a WordPress plugins suite package, then you not only have all the plugins you need, but everything is made by the same company, and the same developers.

This means the plugin installation process will be incredibly similar, and the customer support options will be the same.

At CreativeMinds, we offer a WordPress Plugins Toolkit which contains essential WordPress plugins you need to be successful. The versatile plugins in this toolkit include security, eLearning, eCommerce, marketing and much more.

With this WordPress plugins toolkit, you get instant access to the premium version of ninety-nine WordPress plugins and full 24/7 expert technical support options.

The CreativeMinds WordPress Plugins Toolkit includes 12 months of unlimited updates, and plugins never expire. Our plugins provide solutions for eCommerce, publishing, marketing, eLearning, and more.

Also, every plugin is written by the same team of expert WordPress developers, so they are actually designed to work together seamlessly.

WordPress plugins exist to expand the functionality of WordPress. When you want to add things like monetization, update the security, add a table of contents, track SEO content and more, you need WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins - 7 Reasons To Get a Complete Plugin Suite

The WordPress Plugins Suite Toolkit Includes:

  • 12 months of unlimited updates for all plugins and add-ons
  • Get the top premium version of all plugins
  • Expert technical support available to answer your queries
  • Package can be renewed after the first year with a discount
  • You will always be able to use the plugins in the package, regardless of membership expiration

Popular Plugins in The WordPress Plugins Suite

SEO Keyword Hound - Popular Plugin

SEO Keyword Hound

Build page specific keyword lists and compare them with your competitors to get to the top of Bing and Google SERPs.

Two-Factor Authentication - Popular Plugin

Two-Factor Authentication

Add a second layer of security for users to login to your WordPress site with two factor (2FA) authentication.

 Tooltip Glossary - Popular Plugin

Tooltip Glossary

Quickly build a dictionary, encyclopedia, wiki, online library, or glossary page with popup tooltip info boxes with the best WordPress glossary plugin.

Pop-up Banners - Popular Plugin

Pop-up Banners

Easily create and promote your own campaigns, events and products using the Pop-Up Banners for WordPress! You can add a “pop-up” banner or a “fly-in” banner to appear in the middle or at the bottom of any page or a post. Get creative with a variety of show effects and activity settings.

Footnotes - Popular Plugin


Easily and elegantly add footnotes to any post or page on your WordPress site. You can add media and synonyms for any footnote and stylize to match your site’s theme. All footnotes can be viewed from a central index page displaying footnotes and related pages.

Table of Contents - Popular Plugin

Table of Contents

Add a stylized Table of Contents to any page or post on your WordPress site! You can define the different sections of the TOC with any tag or CSS class included in the page or post content. You can also vary the display of the Table of Contents across different content pages.

 Video Lesson Manager - Popular Plugin

Video Lesson Manager

Manage video lessons and allow users and admin to track progress, leave notes and mark their favorite videos. Supports adding a pay-per-view fee for your courses and webinars.


This WordPress Plugins Toolkit is a great option for anyone with a WordPress website, as it really contains plugins for any solution you may need while running WordPress. This is also an amazing deal on the price.

All support options, including live chat and documentation are all available with this toolkit. In addition, to over ninety-nine plugins, several plugins still set for release later this year are all included as well.

With so many helpful WordPress plugins at your fingertips, there are many possibilities for what you can accomplish.

There are many use cases like creating a table of contents or glossary for easier website navigation, to adding Google Maps, to adding a FAQ or a discussion forum to increase user engagement and much more.

In addition to our current mix of innovative products, we’re always on the lookout for great ideas to help WordPress users create great websites. New plugins and addons based on user requirements and suggestions are coming out all the time!

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