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WordPress Performance and Page Speed Optimization Analysis Service

If your WordPress site is slow and sluggish, you will lose your visitors, have a high bounce rate, and search engine rankings will suffer. Your site's page speed reflects how quickly your website responds to requests from visitors.

We are experts in WordPress development and knows how to analyze and fix slow WP sites by identifying what causes WordPress sites to be slow. We will analyse the issues and recommend how to solve them.

This service includes a review of your site and suggestions how to improve, optimize and increase overall performance. We will deliver a report containing all needed aspects to optimize your WordPress site.

The Importance of Page Speed Optimization

Google has gone on record indicating that slow loading times can have a negative impact on SEO ranking. In fact, Google will even mark slow pages directly on the search engine results page, essentially guaranteeing that users will not visit. Slow load times also provide a very poor user experience. Many visitors will very quickly bounce from your website if the page does not load fast enough.

Our premium service to analyze your WordPress site and help you make it work faster contains the following actions:

  • WordPress Website speed test
  • Analysing your WordPress plugins to check if one of them is slowing the site
  • Analysing your WordPress database queries and response time
  • Analysing your WordPress theme to check if it is slowing the site
  • Analysing and identifying external API calls and services which your website is using
  • Search for potential conflicts that might cause issues
  • Search for large images and files that might slow your site
  • Search for JavaScript errors or files which are not loaded due to access restriction issues

Our final report includes the following insights and recommendations

  • Overall overview of your WordPress site speed optimization status
  • Suggestions for plugins you might need to remove or replace.
  • Suggestions for plugins you need to add for better performance
  • Suggestions for external services you might need to add to help you speed up your WordPress site
  • Fixes to your theme that should be done in order to optimize it
  • Conflicts we found on your site theme files and between plugins and how to resolve them
  • To all our suggestion we add information about their importance and how they could improve your WordPress site speed
  • An estimation for how much time is needed to implement the changes and suggestion included in the report

This analysis is a report to help you prioritize and implement changes. During this analysis we do not conduct the work itself, but provide you with the suggestion and steps you need to take in order to optimize your WordPress site. We can also be contracted to perform the work needed.

All our WordPress developers are very experienced in optimization and plugin development and can assist in improving page speed on your WP site.

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