Welcome Message and Disclaimer Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Welcome Message and Disclaimer Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

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WordPress welcome message and legal disclaimer plugin lets you create custom welcome messages or ask users to verify site legal terms.

WordPress Disclaimer Plugin Description

Welcome Message and Disclaimer Plugin for WordPress lets you create and track welcome popups and disclaimer messages on your WordPress website.

Multiple Popups

Users can add multiple welcome messages, custom messages, legal disclaimer and add new messages as needed while targeting any specific page or post on the WordPress site or apply the pop-ups on all site pages.

Welcome popup plugin allows you to define the action when a user clicks on the Accept or Decline buttons on your disclaimer popups. Example of a Disclaimer Popup
Example of a Disclaimer Popup

Different Message Types

Create welcome and disclaimer popups of any type – it supports adding text, images, videos, HTML. Messages also support displaying shortcodes from any third-party plugins. So, for example, you can add a form for collecting information from your site visitors.

Welcome Message and Disclaimer Tracking System

This WordPress disclaimer plugin includes a tracking system that shows the performance of each disclaimer popup banner. Follow how users interact with welcome messages by looking at the statistics and reports dashboard included in the plugin.

Example of a usage report
Example of a usage report
Monitor how often users accept, decline or just close a specific disclaimer message. Track daily or on a specific period, check the activity on a specific period of time using a graph.

Customize Colors

With this WordPress welcome message plugin, you can customize the look and feel of your popup messages.

You can add images, control the font size and the color of the message background and Accept and Decline buttons. Color Selection Settings
Color Selection Settings

Activity Dates

Activity Dates Settings
Activity Dates Settings
Set the activity date and time for each created message. You can easily define the specific time when the message should be displayed or not.

Welcome Message Plugin Use Case Examples

  • Accept Cookies – Feel at ease with privacy regulations by prompting visitors to accept relevant cookies.
  • Welcome Video Message – Introduce yourself or tell a short story about your website/products by adding a pop-up video on your homepage.

Welcome Message & Disclaimer Plugin Related Use Case

Using the WordPress Disclaimer PopUp Plugin

  • Welcome Message – Show a welcome message popup to new users accessing your site
  • Accept Site Terms – Ask users to accept your terms before viewing the site
  • Legal Disclaimer – Add a legal disclaimer popup which users must accept before viewing the content
  • Informative Message Popup – Allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with cookie law regulations.

Welcome Message Plugin Additional Resources

Welcome and Disclaimer Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

AdDesigner – Create a custom popup look to match your site’s branding.
Statistics and Reports – Track the performance of each message. Show a detailed report on popups performance. use graph display to visualise results.
Restrict by Page/Post/URL – Choose which pages or posts your popups will appear on.
Restrict by Period/URL – Choose the start and end times for your popup to run.
Custom Effects – Define PopUp effects once popup shows.
Display Interval – Setup when user will see the popup. On every page load, one per each page and more.
PopUp Content – Use images in popups, html, video and more.
Disclaimers Variations – Randomly run multiple disclaimer on the same page and track performance to choose the best one.
Accept and Decline – Define the unique operation when user accepts or decline the disclaimer popup.
Dark Overlay – Show an overlay below popup to hide site content when needed.

Disclaimer Message Plugin Demo



Welcome and Disclaimer Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I add different disclaimers to separate pages?

Yes. You can target specific pages or even a group of pages under a specific category. You can create unlimited number of different disclaimer and welcome messages

Will this work on posts?

The Disclaimer and Welcome plugin works on pages, posts and also custom post types

Can I block users from viewing my page or the entire site?

You can block users who do not accept your terms from viewing a specific page or the site in case the disclaimer appear on each page on the site. The disclaimer message will be first shown and if user will not accept the terms he will be now be able to view the page until he approve the message

Is there any way to check how many people accept / don't accept the disclaimer?

Yes, we have included a statistics page in the WordPress admin panel to see how many people accept or decline each disclaimer.

To learn more about this see the documentation article.

Is there any way to style the pop-up?

Yes, there is an in-built ad designer for doing just this.

You can design your popup using sliders, drop down menus and color pickers and afterwards if you prefer edit the code that it prepares using straight HTML.

To learn more about the ad designer functionality check out this Help article.

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