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CreativeMinds Video Tutorials Plugin for WordPress

Our WordPress Video Tutorials plugin displays a video tutorials library that shows how to use CreativeMinds WordPress plugins.

CreativeMinds Video Tutorials Plugin Description

The Video Tutorials plugin for WordPress includes a video tutorials library which show how to use all of CM Plugins.

This plugin includes step by step WordPress tutorial videos with in depth explanations of the different plugins functionalities and features.

This plugin is a must have for anyone using one or more of our plugins.

This includes WordPress video tutorials for CM Answers, CM Tooltip Glossary, CM Download Manager, CM Ad-Changer and many more plugins made by CreativeMinds.

After installing the plugin the integrated video tutorials are shown in the Admin Panel and the user is able to select the videos by categories.

The Video Tutorials plugin does not need any configuration or additional Add-Ons to play the videos.

CreativeMinds Video Tutorials Additional Resources

CreativeMinds Video Tutorials Features

  • Learn how to use any of CM Plugins.
  • Learn how to use WordPress Plugins.
  • Learn how to use WordPress Advanced Features.

CreativeMinds Tutorials Video Gallery

New! WordPress Video Tutorials Plugin by CreativeMinds

CreativeMinds Tutorials Image Gallery

CM Video Tutorials for WordPress

CM Video Tutorials for WordPress

Version 1.0.4 10th Jan 2016

  • Adapt changes to WP 4.4
  • New admin interface

Version 1.0.3 18th May 2015

  • Adapt changes to WP 4.22 and change class names

Plugin First Release 20th October 2014