Low-Priced WordPress Plugins Bundles and Packages

A collection of our CreativeMinds powerful WordPress Plugins and Addons packed together at a discounted price.

Low-Priced WordPress Plugins Bundles Benefits

  • Purchase a pack containing several of our leading WordPress premium plugins and receive a huge discount.
  • All our plugin bundles contains several plugins and add-ons all working together to make sure that you can gain more functionality to your WordPress website and ensure an enhanced user’s experience.
  • We are also offering a suite which includes all CM Plugins grouped together in the same bundle for a reduced price.

WordPress Bundles and Packages

Check information about each plugin in both the product page and documentation.

WordPress Bundle and Packages Support Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase the 99+ Free Pass Plugins Suite?

You’ll gain an incredible set of tools to enhance your WordPress site in just about any way you can imagine – build an online community, an e-learning platform, monetize your site, and much more! You’ll also receive all of our new releases, updates to every plugin we release, and expert WordPress support. You get all this for an amazing price, at a huge discount compared to buying each plugin one at a time.

Why should I purchase the Essential E-Learning Plugin Package?

The E-Learning bundle brings together some or our most educational focused add-ons into one hot deal. If you’re setting up a website that hopes to pack a ton of information into every page, then the Tooltip Glossary plugin will help you showing key information into handy tooltips that appear when terms are hovered over.

Want to start an online video resource database for your students to follow in an organised way, with videos collected into lessons and courses? With optional additional Quizzes and Automated Certificates? The Video Lessons Pro plugin is what you need.

We didn’t just clump these plugins together mindlessly. We created what we hope will be a valuable resource for educators both professional and philanthropic alike!

Why should I purchase the Essential WordPress Tools?

The Admin Tools bundle is a collection of some of the more technical plugins and plugins that are geared towards improving the productivity or performance of your site. In short to help you as the Administrator turn your site into a well oiled machine.

The SMTP Plugin will ensure that all of your emails reach your target audience and don’t end up in the spam folder.

Do you want a way to register users on your site but don’t want them messing around in the WordPress Admin panel? Register them with the Registration Pro plugin and then limit what they can access with Admin Tools Pro.

Some of our bundles are niche, but this bundle is packed with tools for any WordPress site owner who takes their website seriously.

Why should I purchase the Essential Publishing Plugin Package?

The Publishing Tools Bundle brings together 7 of our best Content building Plugins into one seriously reduced price offer.

This bundle is aimed at sites that rely on constantly adding and updating content to remain relevant in their niche. Any sites such as news, sports, travel, educational or even gossip will benefit from the Curated RSS Aggregator plugin which will allow you to have a constantly updated live stream of content that is relevant to your niche within your site.

Maybe you have a collection of writers or content producers but the rigmarole of sorting it out and keeping it in order is taking more time than it should. Adding a Table of Contents can be the difference between a page that is impossible to read and an informative article that could go viral. Or stuffing explanations inside Popup tooltips instead of explaining every little detail in the main body of the page can make a page much more succinct and appealing to a wider spectrum of readers.

This bundle includes powerful publishing tools for both increasing your site’s content as well as taming the content you already have.

Why should I purchase the Essential Content Marketing Tools?

The Content Marketing bundle is a set of plugins that are perfect to bring actual information to your audience.

The package is ideal for commercial websites that constantly need to display product and service offers, discounts and other information useful for customers. Provide your site visitors an amazing site experience by adding a guide-tour through your site, and decide when, where and how to offer them your best products.

Why should I purchase the Essential Business Directory Tools?

This Business Directory bundle offers nine tools to help you create the ultimate WordPress business directory where your customer can suggest (and pay for) their own listing.

The package is ideal for small and big companies alike and helps connect experts, businesses and products in their respective industry.

Why should I purchase the Essential Security Plugins?

This bundle includes 5 plugins is a robust set that allows to increase the security and improve the performance of your website.

This bundle is great for defending the site from hackers, bots, spammers and flooders. You can provide a better account security for your users and create a membership on your site by locking apart post, pages and other content. The admin toolset will help you to customize your admin dashboard, improve the site performance and monitor error logs.

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