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Tooltip Glossary Skins AddOn lets you change the appearance and shape of your tooltip. It offers several tooltip themes to choose from.
Can only be used with CM Tooltip Glossary Pro/Pro+/Ecom

Tooltip Glossary Skins AddOn Description

WordPress Tooltip Glossary Skins is an add-on that lets you customize the shape, size, color and opacity of your Tooltip Glossary plugin, and much more.

Tooltip Shape and Style

Specifically designed to enhance the appearance of your CM Tooltip Glossary. The best feature of this add-on is that it enables you to easily design the tooltip window's look & feel in order to make it more engaging to visitors.
Showing differnet tooltip designs made easy with the skins addon
Showing differnet tooltip designs made easy with the skins addon

Using the WordPress Tooltip Glossary Skins

  • Customize Tooltip Shape and Appearance – Customize your tooltip’s appearance for a more appealing look
  • Better User Experience – Improve your glossary UEX
  • Mobile Responsive – Mobile responsive tooltip which looks great on handheld devices

Six Skin Themes

The plugin comes with 6 different pre-defined skins which can be further customized by adjusting the design settings, such as background color, title and text color, padding, font color, font size, font type, and tooltip border properties including radius control, opacity, stem length and tooltip positioning.

Tooltip Glossary Skins Additional Resources

Tooltip Glossary Skins Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have the CM Tooltip Glossary pro plugin before using this addon

Tooltip Glossary Skins Image Gallery

Tooltip Glossary Skins Frequently Asked Questions

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Version 1.1.16 4th June 2017

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.1.15 22nd April 2017

  • Added the option to set the color of links in the tooltip

Version 1.1.14 7th Jan 2017

  • Added the option to set the Tooltip Title Background

Version 1.1.13 10th August 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.1.12 19th May 2016

  • Improved licensing dashboard and operation

Version 1.1.11 29th April 2016

  • Fixed problem with displaying settings
  • Version 1.1.10 12th April 2016

    • Ensured the WordPress 4.5 compatibility
    • Fixed the compatibility with CM Tooltip Glossary 3.3.2+.

    Version 1.1.9 20th March 2016

    • Updated licensing api support.

    Version 1.1.8 25th Feb 2016

    • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
    • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

    Version 1.1.7 24th Dec 2015

    • Added new license system

    Version 1.1.6 13th Dec 2015

    • Minor Changes in licensing system+bug fix

    Plugin Release 1.1.4 22nd Apr 2015

    • Fixed the XSS vulnerability in WordPress add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions

    Plugin Release 1.1.3 13th Jan 2015

    • Fix bugs with TT 3.0 integration

    Plugin Release 1.0.11 24th Oct 2014

    • Added the default skin
    • Fixed a small js bug

    Plugin Release 1.0.10 13th Sep 2014

    • Fix more issues with Mobile tooltip

    Plugin Release 1.0.9 14th Aug 2014

    • Fix issues with Mobile tooltip

    Plugin Release 1.0.8 2nd July 2014

    • Fixed the bug with Avada theme which stopped the links from working when Skins was active
    • Fix css issue
    • Minifig JS

    Plugin Release 1.0.7 08th July 2014

    • Optimized the saving of the settings

    Plugin Release 1.0.6 22th June 2014

    • Fix bug with tooltip style

    Plugin Release 1.0.5 17th June 2014

    • Fix bug with settings

    Plugin Release 1.0.3 04th June 2014

    • Fix bug with settings

    Plugin Release 1.0.2 22nd May 2014

    • Fix bugs with integration with Ecom edition

    Plugin First Release 1st May 2014