WordPress Plugins Help and Tutorials by CreativeMinds

WordPress Plugins Help and Tutorials by CreativeMinds

As WordPress users, we understand just how frustrating it can be when you’ve downloaded or purchased a plugin and you’re keen to use it, but can’t seem to figure out how!

As WordPress plugin developers, we also understand just how easy it is to assume that everybody understands things like html, Ajax, and other commonly used web tools, when in fact, that knowledge is only reserved for some of our users, but certainly not all of them.

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How we tackle our WordPress Plugins Help and Tutorials

When we first launched our products, we wanted to have a wide enough basis of WordPress plugins help and tutorials that can serve not only the highly technical developers and software engineers, but also the common webmasters who just want their blog to run smoothly, or their Q&A to be awesome- and they deserve it!
Understanding what our customers truly want and need, we established several help resources to address the concerns of all WordPress users. Here goes…

In-Depth user guides

One of the first things we do when releasing a new plugin is write a profound user guide that details the process of the plugin installation and configuration from A to Z. Our user guides are written by the plugin developers and are then edited by non-programmers to simplify complex terms. In addition, we always include screenshots from the plugin settings panel so you can see exactly what we’re talking about every step of the way.

Video Tutorials

The next thing we do when releasing a new WordPress plugin is create a number of video tutorials that are based on the information in our user guides. Doing this takes us a bit longer, because our video team may be technically oriented to some degree, but they are certainly NOT WordPress developers. That alone is a good reassurance for us, that our video tutorials are made simple and clear to the common webmaster and blogger.

Video Tutorials Plugin

To make your life easier, and to help our customers better utilize our plugins, we’ve developed a very simple plugin that makes all of our video tutorials accessible right from your WordPress dashboard: No need to Google-search, no need for YouTube distractions, and it’s 100% Free to download!

Creative Minds Video Totorial - WordPress Plugins Help and Tutorials by CreativeMinds - Creative Minds Blog

New! WordPress Video Tutorials Plugin by CreativeMinds from cmplugins on Vimeo.

Support Tickets and FAQ

Customer support has always been a major part of our agenda, with Pro plugin user inquiries being answered within no longer than 24 hours as a service guarantee. More recently, we have come up with a brand new customer support ticketing system that serves the needs of our growing customer base, while helping us better track the questions that concern our users. When frequently asked questions are detected, we often turn them into posts which are then published on the plugin’s FAQ page. Finally, if all hopes of resolving issues yourself are lost, you can always purchase one of our VIP support packages and we’ll spare you the hard work!

Looking for ways to better utilize our WordPress plugins?

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