WordPress Plugin Testimonials

Ditsa Keren,
CM Answers

I was so happy to discover CM Answers it really has made my life that much easier. I have a blog and everyone enjoys to post answers. By having CM Answers, I am able to keep everything organized without all the hassle. Users are able to answer questions in a stackoverflow style. My blog is staying more organized and the users seem to like the layout better too. The plugin was so easy to install. I installed it quickly and there were no problems. I also am in love with the social media incorporation. Users are able to sign in through social media, which makes things easier for them too. This plugin has saved me a lot of time and energy. I love being able to stay organized and on top of things. This plugin has allowed for me to do just that!

CM Tooltip Glossary

This is just BLISS for information workers, teachers, researchers, a FAQ provider, a business directory, a project knowledgebase. OUTSTANDING – FEATURES * ADMIN INTERFACE * STYLING * SUPPORT

I have searched for years and years to find the best way to present articles online and at last at last I have it. Tooltips Glossary is very well presented on the admin side with plenty of admin info notes. It has tons of options so I can be fussy and get what I want. Heaven. The really huge thing is its core – the global sitewide links which attach to every instance of the titles of its articles (Terms). So wherever that word occurs, it becomes a link, and the link opens its article. Not only that, a hover on the term gives the summary excerpt (a definition perhaps) or the first paragraph depending how you set it. Yet more – I can add synonyms like a plural, or variation of the word, or an alias name for a person. So when all these show up they will all link to the original article. (I have to use a small workaround for author names e.g. Smith, John; but it’s no big deal)

The Glossary – FAQ Knowledgebase Dictionary Encyclopedia Encyclopaedia Directory Index or whatever you want to name it – has its own index page which lists all the titles as links A-Z in various styles I can choose. The Glossary has Categories so David the Dev has just added a way to have category index pages too. There are also Tags.

Don’t go for inferior plugins if you want a good site. Get the best like this because this is the kind of plugin which will carry the centre of your WP or else a major section of it. messing with inferior copies.

CM Download Manager

This was the perfect solution for what we needed in a file management plugin for WordPress. Not only is it easy for the web designer to setup but also easy enough that the end user/client can upload their own files after 30 minutes of training by me. What really was a pleasant surprise was how quickly the developer Creative Minds answered my questions and are open to suggestions for improvements to the plugin. To me that is worth the price of the plugin! I’m only using half of the features this plugin has so there is plenty of room to grow if the client wishes. I would (and have) highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a simple yet robust file management system for WordPress.

CM Tooltip Glossary

This is a really good plugin. In truth, I tried all of the other ‘free’ plugins and they were ok, but they lacked this or that feature. I am using it at my first blog. So far no bugs, and I am using Nginx, FPM, WordPress, and the Avada theme. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) showed no serious performance hit. What I like is that the Gallery has Related Post index that can be manually refreshed. I am planning to get a few related plugins in the future like additional preformatted styles, just out of curiosity. I had no problem making my own styles. I am running about 49 plugins, most of which are admin related.

CM Ad Changer

“I’ve bought the Pro version just a week ago because I was searching for a responsive ads solution and CM Ad Changer was my choice. After install, things didn’t work as expected, mainly due to my WordPress custom options but support was fast and they released a new version of the plugin. David solved my problems and helped me to get things up and running in a matter of days. This plugin comes with a lot of options to create and manage advertising campaigns. Give it a chance and support their creators buying the pro option!”

CM Onboarding

“Its so great to finally have all my FAQ’s gathered in one place. I asked some of my users for feedback and they all had a good experience navigating between the different topics. Well done CM plugins!”

CM Answers I absolutely love CM Answers! I discovered this plugin by accident, and just had to get it. I have a WordPress blog where users write in questions and other users are able to answer them. I have been doing everything manually for the past few months, and I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t discover CM Answers sooner. Easy to download and install, plus it contains no bugs. Everything works flawlessly! What I like most about it is, it allows the users to post questions and answers in a well organized, Stackoverflow format. Love the incorporation of social media login as well; since everyone uses social media these days! Makes the registration process for my users super easy and convenient. Also love the ability to customize it, so I can change up the styles every once in awhile to give my users a fresh feel. Overall, very happy with this plugin and just wish I knew about it sooner!
CM Email Blacklist

“Started getting bot registrations so installed to block signups from a specific domain. It works and the list of already blocked domains is very big, all temps emails or spam emails.”

Vova Feldman
CM Custom Reports

“Slick reports. Simple and user-friendly plugin to add analytics layer to WordPress.”

Arik G.
CM Search & Replace

“Powerful plugin! Great, fast, efficient plugin. great support! You can use it to change anything in your site without editing theme files, it’s the complementary to “custom CSS” it’s custom HTML!.”

CM Tooltip Glossary With this plugin I was not only able to provide the extra lexis detail my English language students need, but by linking to the dictionary and Wikipedia, I was able to add enormous amounts of content to my site with ease. The support is fast and well, supportive. A small error was quickly remedied and I would not hesitate to recommend this plugin and the people behind it.