Who is Using Magento… and Why You Should, Too

Who is Using Magento… and Why You Should, Too

Magento is a popular e-commerce software that’s laden with features. That makes it promising for small and big business alike. But who is using Magento?

Let’s take a quick look at leading world brands that use Magento.

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Who Is Using Magento

1. Coca Cola

You can visit Coke’s Magento store to order gift boxes and personalized bottles. The store also has apparel and other collectibles.

2. Fox Connect

Twentieth Century Fox launched the Magento-based e-commerce website in January 2010.

3. Ford

World-renowned US brand Ford uses Magento for its accessories site.

4. Olympus

This Japanese corporation is yet another well-known brand run on the Magento platform.

5. Warby Parker

This eyewear retailer is another of our Magento companies.

6. Vizio

The latest electronics and accessories are available on the Magento website of Vizio. The consumer electronics company is one of the best-known and most significant brands in the US.

7. Rebecca Minkoff

This brand has shown incredible sales growth with Magento Enterprise. It supplies 900+ stores worldwide.

8. Nike

This titan in athletic wear uses Magento for its Australian store.

9. Christian Louboutin

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin uses Magento for his brand. Of course.

10. Nestle Nespresso

This Swiss brand has used Magento for its Nespresso offshoot since 2009.

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These companies enjoy Magento’s endless customization options and flexibility. The Magento Blog spoke to Rubik’s E-commerce and Digital Marketing Director. He said, “We needed a scalable solution … with a high level of flexibility.” Magento was the logical solution.

Large corporations aren’t the only ones using Magento. Small retailers also make use of Magento’s specialized e-commerce platform.

Take a look at its appearance, structure, front- and back-end. These features are all designed to handle small and large e-commerce operations.

Who is Using Magento? Not Only The Big Ones

Large corporations aren’t the only ones using Magento. Small retailers also make use of its specialized ecommerce platform.

Take a look at its appearance, structure, front- and back-end. They are all designed to handle small and large e-commerce operations.

If you ask who is using Magento and why, users love Magento because it comes with built-in multicurrency, multilingual, and multisite capabilities. You can include as many products to your Magento website as you like without having to pay extra for the privilege.

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Magento Stats

We find that Retail is the largest segment when we look at Magento customers by industry. The next largest is Information Technology and Services.

Thirty percent of Magento customers are in the United States. Eleven percent are in the United Kingdom, and 6% are in India.

The majority of companies that use Magento are small (53%). Eighteen percent are large, and 29% are medium-sized. Many of these SME companies do not have large IT divisions managing their Magento sites.

Why Should You Care About Who is Using Magento

So why should you use Magento and invest in extensions such as the ones discussed above? Why should you care about who is using? Magento On average, merchants using Magento grow three times faster. About 1.2% of the Internet uses Magento, which accounts for 12% of all e-commerce sites.

Magento governs 1.9% of the market for content management systems. The platform’s adoption rate almost doubled between 2017 to 2018, so these numbers are likely to grow. Benefits of Using Magento Magento has many benefits. The platform consists of many CSS customization options ready to use for designing the website to suit your preferences.

It’s also developer-friendly. Developers find it easy to update content to the website and link pages to the main navigation, thus saving a considerable amount of time. Magento creates fast-loading ecommerce stores, and best of all, it’s mobile friendly.

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Magento 2 provides unparalleled flexibility to bring your ecommerce vision to life, with its new, next-generation architecture. It helps create engaging shopping experiences across any device.

The platform also offers secure payments with Authorize.net, Braintree, and PayPal. Performance lies at the heart of Magento 2, enhancing customer experience and improving conversions.

Developers like Magento because of its open source nature. They also like its robustness and power.

The platform has widespread community support and flexibility. Magento is ecommerce made easy.

Its features include analytics and reporting, catalog browsing, and customer accounts. It also offers order management, shipping, search engine optimization, and much more.

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How CreativeMinds Can Help Who is Using Magento

That’s why Creative Minds has created an extension that allows multiple users to act as site admins. This extension has everything they need to create and manage sub logins. They can do so using one Magento account.

Another product for this subset of customers is the True Edit Orders Extension.

The True Edit extension is the perfect solution for SMEs. It helps you to edit current orders without the nuisance of having to cancel and create new ones each time.

Does your Magento store depend on several sales representatives? Then you may need the Magento Sales Representative Commission Manager Extension.

With this extension, you can gauge how much your representatives are selling. It also creates sales reports based on their performance.

As you grow your business, you might want to turn it into a multi-vendor enterprise like Amazon or eBay. Take a look at the Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension by Creative Minds. This extension transforms your online store into a thriving Magento ecommerce marketplace.



Magento has many strengths. It has the flexibility and ease of use to work for most business types.

Users benefit from fast checkouts, excellent performance, and improved customer experience. Its open source option is free, which is great news for small and medium sized businesses.

You may still need to pay for web developer costs, depending on your level of expertise. You will also have to pay for hosting. The platform also offers a paid edition, Magento Enterprise.