Web Applications

David Rashty,

CreativeMinds develops web applications of various types and on numerous platforms. Though most of our plugins and extensions are built either for WordPress or Magento, we also offer custom made web applications that can suit just about any web platform or content management system out there.

Here are some of the web applications we have developed along the years:

WordPress plugins and Addons

  • CM Tooltip Glossary – Creates dictionary terms and definitions or encyclopedia feeds to help explain the meaning and context of terms on your site when hovering over a term
  • CM Answers – A powerful plugin for Discussion Boards and Q&A forums in WordPress. Allows members to ask questions, answers and comments
  • CM Download Manager – The ultimate WordPress plugin for managing uploads and downloads to your site
  • CM Ad Changer Server – The best WordPress plugin for managing and running banner ad campaigns across multiple WordPress websites. With both server and client sides, you can manage banner rotation & resizing
  • CM MicroPayments Platform – Lets you add your own “virtual currency”to your site, supporting on-site transactions without the necessity of processing the external payments each time.
  • Add-Ons & Extensions CM Plugins have a growing number of addons and extensions that further enhance their abilities and features.

Magento® extensions

Our expert developers can use these existing web applications to create similar features on other platforms besides WordPress and Magento, or modify them to create custom extensions according to your specified needs.

For more information about custom development please contact us.