User Registration and Invitation Codes Plugin

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Adding User Login and Registration Boxes to a WordPress Site

Placing user login and registration boxes throughout your WordPress site is made easy using widgets and shortcode with the CM Registration Pro plugin.

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Creating Individual and Bulk User Registration Invitation Codes in WordPress

The User Registration plugin and the Bulk Invitation Addon allow you to easily manage user registration on your site. Learn how to create and manage invitations and codes individually and in bulk.


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CM Registration Payment Addon for WordPress

Support restricting registration only once registration fee was paid. You can set a global registration fee or per specific invitation code. AddOn also include email reminder settings and removal of users which register and didn’t pay. Cart system is based on Easy Digital Downloads. You can check this help document for more information.

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Installation tutorial for the registration plugin for WordPress

CM Registration plugin for WordPress let you add a popup registration window and let user login or register while staying on the same page. The installation tutorial walk you through the needed steps to install the free version of the plugin available in For more information about this plugin please visit


  • 02:08

Registration and Login PopUp and Invitation Codes Plugin for WordPress

Need more control over the login and Registration of your WordPress site? The CM Registration Plugin is the best companion to any WordPress site. It supports creating a popup login and registration box, ajax registration, or login while allowing users to stay on the same page after login. In addition, it supports advanced features such as invitation codes, email verification options, support reCaptcha, and more. Find out more at


  • 01:15

CM User Registration for Downloads Manager WordPress Plugin

The CM User Registration for Downloads Manager AddOn for WordPress supports adding a user registration form for CM Download Manager which automatically assign new user to a pre-defined user group and apply access restrictions to the content available on the download manager.
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