Tooltip Glossary Plugin Tutorials

Manpreet Kaur,

    Create Multiple Indexes in Your WordPress Glossary

    In this video you will learn how to build multiple indexes in your glossary according to category. Creating dedicated glossaries by topic and management of their terms is a simple process through the plugin's Pro+ and ECommerce editions advanced category function.

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      2.2. Tooltip Glossary Demo - Index Page Templates

        Save Time by Uploading Glossary Terms from a CSV

        Learn how to upload terms to your Tooltips Glossary directly from a CSV file. Uploading directly from a spreadsheet allows easy and efficient management of your glossary terms by allowing you to enter and edit terms in bulk.

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          4.1. Tooltip Glossary Demo - Custom Fonts

            Create an Image Based Tooltip Glossary Index

            With a new glossary index style, the Creative Minds Tooltip Glossary is now able to display an image based glossary index. This tutorial will review how to set up and manage an image based tooltip glossary index.

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              3.1. Tooltip Glossary Demo - Wikipedia Integration

                Video Tutorial - CM Tooltip Glossary - Import/Export Terms

                Short video tutorial about import function in Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin from CreativeMinds.

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                  5.2. Tooltip Glossary Demo - Video Content in Tooltip

                    Custom Taxonomies AddOn for the WordPress Tooltip Glossary Plugin

                    WordPress Glossary Custom Taxonomies is an add-on for the Glossary plugin that lets you define multiple categories in the your WordPress site glossary. Once taxonomies are defined, you can assign your glossary terms to specific categories and filter them accordingly.

                    The glossary index will display all terms together with a dropbox for each of the defined taxonomies so visitors to your website glossary can filter the terms based on the taxonomies you have defined.

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                      Tooltip Glossary Search Widget AddOn for WordPress by CreativeMinds

                      WordPress Tooltip Glossary Search Console Widget is an add-on that lets you place a small widget on the bottom of your website and let your users easily search your Glossary terms and content.
                      This tool include automatic suggestions for related glossary terms once users start typing the initial characters into the search widget.
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