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    CM Table of Contents Plugin for WordPress Tutorial

    The CM Table of Contents plugin for WordPress let's you add a TOC to any post or page. The Table of Contents can be defined using any tag and class which appears in your post content. The user for example can define that div with class by the name of first will be the first title which another div with the class second will be the second in hierarchy.Using a shortcode the TOC can be placed anywhere in the post or the page and can be collapsed and expanded by a click
    The plugin is easy to use and can be localized easily.

      Table of Contents Plugin for WordPress Installation Guide

      This video shows how to install and configure the free version of the CM Table of Contents plugin on your WordPress site. The plugin let's you automatically add TOC to every post or page on your WordPress site. For more information please visit

        Video tutorial - Table of Contents - Moving Table of Contents to sidebar

        Tutorial video on how to move the Table of Content from it's default location to the sidebar.