Questions and Answers Plugin Tutorials

Manpreet Kaur,

    How to use the Advanced Features of the best Q&A WordPress plugin - Tutorial

    CM Answers is a WordPress plugin that allows users to post a question, comment or answer (Q&A) in your discussion forum in Stackoverflow style. Our Question and Answer discussion forum plugin also includes social media registration like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ login. This Q&A enhancement has many other unique features that allow administrators to customize the display of visitors' queries and comments and rank responses according popularity or number of votes. More info and free downloads available on

      4.7. Questions and Answers Demo - Shortcodes

        1.3. Questions and Answers Demo - Categories

          2.6. Questions and Answers Demo - Notifications

            2.5. Questions and Answers Demo - Private Posts

              2.4. Questions and Answers Demo - Logs and Statistics