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Manpreet Kaur,

    How to Setup Shipping Rates in Magento 2 - The Vendor Perspective

    This video tutorial will guide you through how vendors can set shipping rates using the Multi Vendor Marketplace extension for Magento 2.

    You can find the Multi Vendor Marketplace extension here -

      How to Create Separate Login/Registration Pages For Vendors in Magento 2

      In this video tutorial we will show you how to add custom fields to the separate login and registration forms for vendors within the Multi Vendor Marketplace extension for Magento 2.

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        Marketplace Inventory Updater Module for Magento 2

        Let your vendors update their inventory automatically, saving time! The Marketplace Inventory Updater Module fetches a spreadsheet daily to update the quantity, stock status or price of the products that are available in the store.

        Requires the CM Magento 2 Marketplace extension.

        M2 Inventory Updated Module

        M2 Marketplace Extension

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          M2 Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension for Magento ® by CreativeMinds

          The Magento®Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension by CreativeMinds transforms your online store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace.

          The Multi Vendor Marketplace provides a variety of business opportunities for web entrepreneurs, marketers, product manufacturers and suppliers all at once.

          It allows vendors and suppliers to create, update, track and manage their products and orders through a supplier account in your Magento® eCommerce store. This gives both the site admin and suppliers an easy way to manage products and shipping, as well as track orders and sales.

          The Marketplace Multi vendor extension includes all the functionality available in the CM Supplier Frontend Product Uploader, and many more features that enable suppliers to have more control over orders including shipment tracking, advanced dropshipping and detailed reports on sales and revenue.

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