Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension M2 – Additional Modules

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    Marketplace PayPal Vendor Payments for Magento 2

    Let the marketplace admin and managers transfer funds to the vendors by using the PayPal Integration module. Vendors will receive payments after associating their PayPal emails with their supplier accounts.

    Requires the Marketplace base extension.

    Marketplace PayPal Vendor Payments for Magento 2
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      Marketplace Vendor Subscription Module for Magento 2

      Make your customers stay with you and increase their lifetime value with the Vendor Subscription Marketplace Multi-Vendor module.

      Create different subscription plans to find the best combinations of price and features.

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      The module requires the CreativeMinds’ Marketplace Multi-Vendor extension for Magento 2 in order to work.

        Marketplace Vendor Questions and Answers Module for Magento 2

        Let customers submit product questions, and store admins or suppliers answer them! Visitors will trust more your brand if they perceive it as engaged and informative. Questions and Answers is the answer to that.

        Use the Q&A module module for Marketplace M2 to add a Question Form to each product page. Potential customers can use these forms to ask specific questions regarding the products they are interested in.

        The module requires the CreativeMinds’ Marketplace Multi-Vendor extension for Magento 2 in order to work.

          Marketplace Supplier Redirection Module for Magento 2

          Imagine you want to share your vendor page on social media. By default, Magento will use a 'ugly' URL such as "". With the module, the vendor can choose a SEO-Friendly URL such as "". Much better!

          Turn an ugly default generated Magento Supplier URL into branded store links. Gain SEO benefits and create a unique human understandable link to your store.

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            Marketplace Dropship Notification Module for Magento 2

            Send e-mails to the suppliers notifying that their orders are ready to be dropshipped. The supplier receives a notification once the order has been completed.

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            You need the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension to use this module.

              Marketplace Inventory Updater Module for Magento 2

              Let your vendors update their inventory automatically, saving time! The Marketplace Inventory Updater Module fetches a spreadsheet daily to update the quantity, stock status or price of the products that are available in the store.

              Requires the CM Magento 2 Marketplace extension.

              M2 Inventory Updated Module

              M2 Marketplace Extension

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                Marketplace Multiple Vendors Per Product Module for Magento 2

                Boost competition on your Magento store by allowing vendors to create multiple versions of each product, each with it own price, quantity and description.

                Big eCommerces such as Amazon and Ebay attract users and increase sales by offering more options. Suppliers also get a chance to tap into new markets by selling cheaper or with deluxe editions.

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