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Manpreet Kaur,

    Installation Guide for CM Footnotes Plugin for WordPress

    Add footnotes to your WordPress posts and pages easily with our fully customizable footnotes plugin. Create footnotes, endnotes, bibliography notes, footnotes citations, footnotes images and more for individual posts and pages on your WordPress site.

    This is a step by step installation and configuration tutorial for the free version fo the plugin available from For more detailed information please visit

      CM Footnotes Promotional Video

      The CM Footnotes plugin for WordPress lets you easily add footnotes to your posts or pages. Footnotes can then appear on the bottom of your article or anywhere else you may choose to display them. The plugin also creates an index page (permalink to your footnotes index provided) which includes all the footnotes which appears on the site and links to the articles they appear in.

      It is very easy to add new footnotes. A footnote can be added directly from any post or page or defined globally from the footnotes admin menu.

        CM Footnotes plugin for WordPress

        Adding footnotes to your WordPress articles is easier than ever. This plugin lets you add a footnote to a specific post or page or across all pages and posts using the same term. You can also select a term in a specific post and add a selected footnote manually.
        Footnotes can be designed and displayed according to the style the user picks from the plugin settings.. It also creates an index showing all the occurrences of the footnotes in all the posts and pages on your site.
        This tutorial covers all the plugin's features and shows you how to use it on your WordPress sIte.

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          CM Footnotes - Simple Footnotes - Tutotial

          This tutorial video covers the new functionality added in the version 1.2.0 - the Simple Footnotes. Allowing to quickly and simply add the footnotes with the shortcode.