Email Domain Blacklist Plugin Tutorials

Manpreet Kaur,

    Installation tutorial for the Email Registration Blacklist plugin for WordPress

    The email registration blacklist plugin helps you limit the domains from which user can register to your site. it contains several options such as whitelisting specific domains or using an external service which list all the free email domains which you might want to limit registration from. This installation tutorial help users with the free version of the plugin available from For more information please check

      Block Email Spam By Blacklisting Free Domain Registrations From WordPress

      The CM WordPress Email Registration BlackList plugin blocks users using blacklisted domains from registering to your WordPress site, helping you to avoid unwanted spammers, viruses and Malware. This plugin will check if a user trying to register to your WordPress site is using an email from a domain which is defined in your own blacklists

      Plugin Features
      - Log of denied registrations
      - Manually update domain list from spamassassin
      - Manually add domains to blacklist
      - Manually whitelist domains
      - Define errors message to show to users trying to register
      - Allow only Whitelisted domains to register

      More info at

        Protect WordPress From Spam User Registrations With CM Email Blacklist Free

        Avoid spam, virus, malware, disposable emails and unwanted users! The WordPress email blacklist plugin allows you to block users who try to register from suspicious domains.

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