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    2.4. Download Manager Demo - External Download

      3.1. Download Manager Demo - User Profile and Dashboard

        2.5. Download Manager Demo - Group Access

          1.4. Download Manager Demo - Document Preview

            Using the shortcode 'File List' to create custom download pages

            In this tutorial, the shortcode 'File List' is explained. You see how to create custom download pages with specific downloads or custom view.

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              Modifying Settings and Appearance Using the Downloads Manager Customizer

              Managing the settings and appearance of your downloads index, and downloads page has never been easier with the live customizer functionality in the CM Downloads Manager Pro plugin. View changes in realtime on the frontend of your website to create a streamlined download system for your users.

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                Downloads Manager Client Download Zone Overview and Setup

                The CM Downloads Manager plugin lets you manage files upload, download, and access per user and user group. The Client Download Zone add-on simplifies the association of files with specific users and user groups. Learn here how to setup the add-on and upload files both as a user and as an admin.

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                  File Downloads Manager Client Download Zone Setup

                  The CreativeMinds Downloads Manager plugin gives you a platform to manage the upload and download of files on your WordPress site.

                  The Client Download Zone add-on was designed to help streamline the dashboard management process for both teachers and students in an e-learning environment. Learn how to setup the client and admin dashboards to start using your add-on today.

                    Download Manager Payment AddOn for WordPress by CreativeMinds

                    The CM Downloads Payment AddOn for WordPress supports adding payment supports to any download in the download manager plugin. The payment system is based on Easy Digital Downloads cart system

                    Download which has payment assigned to them will be downloaded only once user pay the related cost for downloading the file

                    Admin can set a different amount for each download or leave some downloads as free.

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                      Download Manager – PeepSo Integration Addon for WordPress

                      PeepSo is the next-generation of Social Networking plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create your own Online Community in just a few clicks.

                      CM Download Manager is considered the best download manager plugin for WordPress and once integrated with PeepSo adds the ability to share files within the community which has access restriction based on the user profile and group settings.

                      Each PeepSo user can upload files which will be shown in his profile. For each file the user can set access restriction and allow specific members or groups to access the file and download it.

                      Once a user upload a file is also added to the feed and appears in his wall. The AddOn includes an option in the setting to control this feature.

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