CreativeMinds General Support Videos

The collection includes general support videos for CreativeMinds products. You can find here information on how to download your product, how to obtain your license key, how to renew a product and much more.

    How to Install a Magento Extension Video Tutorial

    Learn how to install a Magento extension with our video tutorial. Magento extensions provide a relatively quick and easy way to enhance your online store with new features and abilities that would otherwise need to be coded by a developer.

    There are 3 ways to install Magento extensions. This video tutorial will give you a step by step guide to installing Magento extensions using these methods.

    You can find out more by visiting our Magento extension store:

      How to Generate an Invoice in the CM Customer Dashboard

      The video explains how you can generate an invoice which fits your business and tax requirements for a purchase made with CreativeMinds

        How to Renew your License with CreativeMinds

        The short video explains how easy it is to renew your CM license for any product purchased from CreativeMinds

          How to Manage your Purchases Using the CM Customer Dashboard

          The video review the use and options available in the CM Customers Dashboard where you can manage your downloads, activate and deactivate your licenses, update your products, download invoices, update your profile and more

            How to Install or Update a CM WordPress Plugin

            This video review all the needed steps in downloading installing and activating your WordPress plugin. It also include detailed explanation as for how to find your license key, hot to upgrade from one version to another.

              How to be a CM Affiliate - Affiliate Dashboard

              The CM Affiliate program let you promote CM products and in exchange earn commission for every successful purchase made following your referral. This video review the affiliate program, explain how to become an affiliate and also review the affiliate dashboard in which you can view your earning.
              More information can be found at

                How to Install or Update Your CreativeMinds Magento Extension

                If you have purchased Magento extensions, this tutorial video will guide you through the process of downloading the extensions from our customer dashboard and installing them on your Magento store.

                There are 3 ways to install Magento extensions. This video tutorial will give you a step by step guide to installing extensions using these methods.