Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Service

It is time to upgrade...

It is time to move your Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 technology

Magento 2 is a totally new platform, the migration process looks complicated. Will it require a lot of resources and time? Our new service for Magento 2 migration will make this process as smooth as possible without any issues for the current site

Our development team is experienced and has successfully completed migrations from Magento 1 to 2 migrations. Together we will plan each step of the migration and all data will be transferred without any risk.

Migration of the store Database including Products, Orders, Customers, Store configuration and CMS content

Migrating the database of the store including all the inventory, customers and orders is the initial and most important step. This step includes migrating the all products, customers, orders, store configurations, SEO setup and CMS content.

We will safely transfer all data to the Magento 2 installation without risking any loss of data. When the site is ready to go live we will make the final transfer of the data so nothing will change when going live on the Magento 2 site

SEO and Indexed Pages Migration

Keeping your SEO status is one of the more important parts of the migration process.

Some of the third party SEO solutions are not transferred during the database migration.

This can include: canonical urls, next and prev tags, meta data changes etc.

Our team will redevelop the important features on Magento 2.

Migration of the Store Design

You cannot migrate a front-end design from Magento 1 to 2, but you can either redevelop it on Magento 2 or consider purchasing a new theme for Magento 2.

CreativeMinds Frontend team can develop the theme for you on magento 2 or install a desired new theme.

Transferring Custom-Built Functionality and Third Party extensions

Magento 1 extensions cannot be used on Magento 2

The migration process is a great time to clean up the store and identify the extensions you really use and need.

To use an extension on magento 2 you will need to contact the extension company and purchase a Magento 2 version of the extension.

Custom built functionality would need to be redeveloped on magento 2, this can take time but we will be happy to provide the service.

Migration to Magento 2