The Ultimate List of Magento Multi-User Account Extensions

The Ultimate List of Magento Multi-User Account Extensions

With a Magento store, the ability to handle sub accounts is a valuable one. Having a multi-user Magento extension allows a single user account to have multiple sub user accounts easily. This is an essential extension for any Magento store.

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The multi-user extensions in this list are top rated, high quality, and have a range of important features for a successful Magento store. They are all good ways to have multiple users and sub accounts under the same master account but with different user permissions, without much hassle.

1) Ultimate Multi-User Magento Extension

With the multi-user extension from CreativeMinds, the admin can create multiple sub user accounts and the account owner can create an unlimited number of sub accounts. Employers can make separate logins for each employee and different permissions can be granted to different people based on role.

The extension is available for $149 for 1 live website and 2 test hosts. Free 12 month support is included and there is the option of a $59 fee for installation. The admin can delete user accounts at any time and filter sub users by name, email, permissions, etc. The extension is also available for Magento 2.

The Magento 2 version extension has everything users need to create and manage sub logins under one Magento account.

2) Magento Sub Account Extension

The admin can edit, add, and delete sub logins as well as create separate carts and bags for all sub accounts. Users can define different email templates and use powerful email management tools

The expiration dates for the sub logins can be defined in the settings. The admin can also view sub login orders separately in the backend with email filtering. There is easy Front-End login with the sub login email and password.

3) Advanced Permissions

This extension allows admin to control sub logins by restricting settings, approvals, and product editing. Users can set different levels of sub admin rights to the Magento store. Available for both Magento 1 and 2, Advanced Permissions is $169 with free updates and support.

Admin can limit the management of orders, restrict access to reports, abandoned carts, reviews, tags and customers. They can also specify which product attributes are assigned to which sub admin. The extension allows a sub admin to only edit orders that have their products in them.

4) CedCommerce Vendor Sub Account

The Vendor Sub Account is a multi-user Magento extension available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2, and is $99 with free installation. The vendor sends requests to multiple users to add a sub user. Sub accounts are used when the vendor is unable to manage products or create users with restricted access.

With this extension, users can accept or reject sub vendor requests and vendors can disapprove the sub accounts. No two sub accounts can exist with the same email ID which is also an extra security measure.


In conclusion, all of these multi-user Magento extensions are helpful solutions for creating and managing sub accounts in the platform. Some have more features than others and it is important to choose the right extension for your business and products.