The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Statistics


The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Statistics


Over 76 million blogs use That’s twice as many people as there are in Canada. And over 17 million websites in the entire internet are powered by WordPress.

Add the two up and it’s easy to see how WordPress dominates the internet with over 93 million websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web.

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If you’re a WordPress developer, you already know that WordPress is a great tool to use to build a website. But you might be wondering how your potential clients and fellow developers are using WordPress.

State of the Word – WordPress Yearly Surveys

Matt Mullenburg, founder and CEO of WordPress, addresses some of these questions in his state of the word survey held each year. The numbers as well as the presentations can be found online for the years 2011, 2012, 201320142015, and 2016. This allows people to track the progress of WordPress as a CMS.

The 2014 survey gives you a great overview of how people are using WordPress.

Who Uses WordPress?

Not surprisingly, the range is wide. Big companies, top blogs, small businesses, and individuals flock to WordPress to create websites.

WordPress started as a blogging platform. Yet, there are now few people using WordPress solely for blogging. 69% use it only as a CMS, 20% as both blog and CMS, and 6% only as a blog.

What WordPress is Used for

What WordPress is Used for. Taken from State of the Word 2013 ( provides information related to the usage among high traffic site verses low traffic sites and also provides some of the names of big companies who use WordPress

Market position of WordPress in terms of popularity and traffic taken from

Another great resource for finding out which sites use WordPress is WordPress stats. This shows what type of sites are using WordPress.

This handy chart shows WordPress sites by category and popularity:

WordPress Popular Website Verticals taken from

Which Version is Used Most?

According to data from, the latest WordPress version is used by over 90% of websites running on WordPress.

Monthly WordPress Usage Statistics gathers and releases various statistics about WordPress usage, including monthly pageviews and posts published. In January 2017, over 409 million people viewed over 24 billion pages each month through WordPress.

Monthly WordPress Pageviews from

This same month, WordPress users published over 80 million new posts through the CMS.

WordPress posts published monthly

Where WordPress is Used

WordPress is used in over 178 countries. 2014 was the first year that non-English downloads surpassed English downloads.

Using Google Trends, you can get a good picture where WordPress is most often searched. This is a good indication of its geographical popularity.







WordPress Search Traffic

Google Trends is a good resource to check the search volume. WordPress is the clear winner for search traffic once compared with other CMS.

Once researching Google Trends, you can easily see that, compared with other popular search terms from other domains, WordPress popularity is growing.

WordPress as a CMS Platform

According to w3techs, WordPress is also the most popular CMS in use by a landslide, with 27.6% of websites using WordPress, representing a whopping 58.8% of the CMS market..

Data from W3Techs can provide more detailed number and charts related to the usage and growth of WordPress:

Websites using WordPress from

 This shows 25% of the top one million websites use WordPress as of February 2017.

What Devices Are People Using to Access WordPress?

WordPress, like any other platform, is seeing the rise of the mobile devices. This is reflected in the need to make the platform responsive and friendly to mobile devices.

What Devices are Used to Access WordPress taken from the State of the Word 2013

What Devices are Used to Access WordPress taken from the State of the Word 2013

79% of access to WordPress is through smartphones or tablets.

WordPress Live Numbers

For a fun interactive count of WordPress software downloads, you can visit the live download counter for

Live download counter from

and check out the interactive activity map.

WordPress.Com Interactive Activity Map taken from

WordPress.Com Interactive Activity Map

Plugins and Themes Stats

One of the best things about WordPress, aside from ease of use, is its flexibility. The wide range of plugins and themes built by developers are what give users this flexibility.

In 2016, there were 1.5 billion plugin downloads in the repository alone. As of March 2017, there are over 49,000 free plugins available through

Through HackerTarget, you can find out which plugins are most often used and to what extent.

WordPress plugin count from Alexa top 500K sites

WordPress plugin count from Alexa top 500K sites

The numbers are also available for themes and shows which themes are popular within the top 500k sites found in Alexa.

Popular Themes with the Top 500k in Alexa

Popular Themes with the Top 500k in Alexa

Using the Wayback Machine Archive, we conducted a small survey on the growth of the free available plugins and the number of plugins downloaded over the last few years, from which it is possible to see the vast growth in both numbers.

The number of plugins according to this number is growing every year by 20%+ and the number of plugin downloads is growing by 40%+.

Number of Free Plugins Downloaded from

Number of Free Plugins Downloaded from

Number of Free Plugins Available on

Number of Free Plugins Available on


Many people around the world are making a full time living using WordPress and there are a lot of opportunities for developers to help businesses build sites with high functionality.

As a developer, it’s always good to know how your clients use WordPress. These statistical resources can help you provide better support for your clients. The state of the word survey from 2013 found that the things people liked most about WordPress were ease of use, community, and flexibility.

We’ve given you a lot of numbers and we hope you’ve found these resources helpful in understanding the people behind WordPress sites. Now go get nerdy with them and make us proud! We would love to hear if these stats match up with your personal experiences with WordPress.