Step Up The User Experience With These Top OnBoarding Plugins for WordPress

Step Up The User Experience With These Top OnBoarding Plugins for WordPress

Onboarding is a great way to provide users with helpful walkthroughs of your WordPress site. An onboarding plugin is an interactive tutorial that displays complex information easily about your website. They are reasonably priced and provide step-by-step instructions for all types of products and services.

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1) OnBoarding Plugin

The superb OnBoarding plugin from CreativeMinds is an excellent guidance platform that includes interactive training and interactive in-app guidance, and is a good choice for employee training. The pro version is $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites including all updates and full support.

On Boarding Floating Widget before clicking

On Boarding Floating Widget before clicking

On Boarding Floating Widget after clicking

On Boarding Floating Widget after clicking

Onboarding is also a great tool for e-learning activities and as a student or teacher knowledge-base of information. There are helpful widgets that give the ability to limit onboarding to the admin. This plugin improves user experience and overall site performance.

2) WalkMe

WalkMe is a high quality user onboarding plugin to raise standards for digital training and delivering a new customer experience. WalkMe is available for free and has a custom plan available with full customization for the client for the best experience possible.

WalkMe is one of the top rated onboarding tools available online and provides guidance, engagement and insights for all types of services. WalkMe is incredibly mobile responsive and has extensive tutorials and support options.

3) Hopscotch

Hopscotch is an onboarding framework that is ideal for developers. It is available easily on GitHub for free, and features event callbacks, multiple language supports, and multi-page tours. Hopscotch provides an API for the developer to control rendering the tour display and the managing of tour progress.

Hopscotch is for more advanced users of onboarding that want to makes changes and provide walkthroughs on a coding level. Hopscotch is simple to setup, by inputting target, placement, content and title information to ge started.

4) Intercom

Intercom is an interactive onboarding solution like no other. This solution lets admin see how is using their products or services. Intercom is available for free but is also available for $87 per month for messages, inbox and articles.

Intercom allows for pricing plans based on the amount of active people. It’s simple to set up and use the solution, as well as inviting new users to join. The unique feature of this solution is how personalized the customer experience can be.

5) Tour My App

Tour My App is an onboarding plugin that increases user engagement and activation. This onboarding plugin lets users create their own in-app tutorials and fully customize the walkthroughs to their content. This solution is available for $24 a month or up to $250 a month.

Tour My App is a solution that requires no coding, includes full customization, usage metrics and fully interactive tours. the walkthroughs take minutes to set up and just a few clicks to use.


Onboarding is a great feature for any WordPress site, as it provides helpful tutorials and improves overall site performance. These onboarding tools feature good prices, excellent support and allow fully interactive walkthroughs for websites and features.

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