3 Top Download Manager Plugins For WordPress You Have To Try in 2019

3 Top Download Manager Plugins For WordPress You Have To Try in 2019

Putting a download manager plugin on your WordPress site is one of the most important choices you can make for your website. Download manage plugins create the ability to have an easy to use file management directory on your WordPress site.

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Download Manager plugins let users manage, track and control file downloads within a WordPress site. Having an organized and easy to use file system on your site is a big key to success. Download manager plugins are also used as solutions for e-commerce stores.

Table of Contents

  1. CM Download Manager
  2. WP Download Manager
  3. WP File Manager
  4. Other Suggestions

Top Download Manager Plugins

1) CM Download Manager

This plugin mkes it easy to upload files, images, video and other files to a file sharing directory on your WordPress site. The plugin generates a unique landing page for each file, which includes file preview, descriptions and more.

Download Manager Plugin File List Widget

Download Manager Plugin File List Widget

Download Manager Plugin Audio Download Example

Download Manager Plugin Audio Download Example

This download manager plugin offers multiple shortcodes, a helpful user dashboard, user verification before downloads and supports multiple languages. This plugin can easily be integrated with others, such as payment options. Users can offer payment per download, a Q&A forum and much more.

CM Download Manager Pro
Download and File Manager
The ultimate WordPress plugin for managing uploads and downloads to your WP site. Allows WordPress users and visitors to preview media files before downloading. Admins can manage member permissions and moderate upload settings.
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2) WP Download Manager

The WordPress Download Manager plugin is a free WordPress plugin. This plugin lets users track downloads and assign user roles to limit the amount of downloads, control download speeds and much more. The plugin can also be used as an e-commerce solution, to sell products online easily.

This plugin has features that include drag and drop file downloads, custom post types, password protection, reCaptcha, and much more. The plugin also features embedded shortcodes for categories, helpful support, supports video files, a widget for searching downloads and more.

3) WP File Manager

The WP File Manager is a simple but powerful file management plugin. The plugin has 3 price packages ranging from $29 to $39 to $59, and those include support, updates, and add-ons. This plugin offers dozens of translations, integrates with Google applications easily, remote download, access limitation and more.

The WP File Manager plugin is recommended for more advanced users and comes with several customizable themes. More features include the full text search engine and email notifications and file changes. There is also one click file updating and the ability to easily download statistics.


Choosing the right download manager plugin for your WordPress site is a big decision. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each before making your decision. The following is a helpful guide to seeing which plugin has which helpful features.

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