Top 5 Blog Widgets Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Top 5 Blog Widgets Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Plugin developers are always looking for new and innovative ways to change up WordPress. One way to visually alter a WordPress website easily is with visual blog widgets, which can make your WordPress website look more appealing. Blog widgets let users display eye-catching, informative and functional features easily and effectively.

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Blog widgets are an important staple of any WordPress website and they are a user friendly way to organize and improve your website overall. Some blog widgets can add helpful information to your WordPress website like shortcodes, and many of them are completely compatible with WordPress themes.

1) Creative Visual Blog Widgets Plugin

The Visual Blog Widgets plugin from CreativeMinds lets users add five custom blog widgets to more easily highlight tags and categories on a WordPress site. The included blog widgets are the dynamic cloud, word cloud, color cloud, bubble chart, and single random post.

Blog Widget Plugin for WordPress

Blog Widget Plugin for WordPress

This blog widgets plugin pro version is available for $19 for one website and $39 for up to five websites. One year of license and support is included, as well as helpful documentation. There are also three shortcodes available to post widgets on any post or page.

2) Compact Archives

The Compact Archives plugin is available for free from This archive widget plugin is ideal for blogs, since it more easily organizes blog content that goes back several years. Monthly blog categories are displayed in a more organized and streamlined way with this plugin.

Some of the features of this plugin include presenting blog archive information in blocks, or arranging it to fit into sidebars on specific pages and posts. These features increase user involvement and experience on your WordPress site.

3) WP Tab Widget

This plugin is a responsive widget that can add popular posts, comments, recent news and other types of information easily to any page or page of your WordPress site. WP Tab Widget is available for free from WordPress. org and is incredibly user friendly.

WP Tab Widget uses a cache system, so the information in the tabs loads quicker each time and the information is saved unless the cache is cleared. This plugin supports thumbnail images and is a simple, user friendly solution to organizing content on your WordPress blog.

4) Popular Posts Bar Widget

The Popular Posts Bar Widget is a great way to promote your most popular or viewed content on your WordPress website. Admin can change the settings so that the popular posts are available on a sidebar for a pre-defined number of days.

Some of the features of this plugin include customizing titles for posts, the number of posts, easy setup, and it’s compatible with multiple browsers. This posts plugin is available for $11 with 6 months of helpful support. This is a highly rated view heavy plugin for WordPress.

5) Advanced Categories Widget

The Advanced Categories Widget is available for $7 for a one year license and comes with 6 months of free support. Some key features of this widget is category posts, descriptions, custom style and scripts, current post counts, image customizing options and much more.

This user friendly widget is highly rated and gives users complete control over how categories are organized and displayed. Advanced Categories Widget is an excellent choice for more advanced users of WordPress, and users have complete control of customization settings.


Having eye catching blog widgets not only really improves the overall look and feel of a WordPress website, but it also increases organization and customization of your content. It’s important to choose the correct blog widget plugin for your WordPress site and how to best get your content across.

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