Top 5 Magento 1 Marketplace Extensions in 2020

Top 5 Magento 1 Marketplace Extensions in 2020

Some of the biggest online stores are marketplaces. Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are all examples. These companies use many different vendors to give customers a wealth of options.

A marketplace benefits both sellers and store owners. Sellers are able to benefit from the reputation of an existing store and don’t have to open their own store. In addition, welcoming other vendors to a store increases the number and variety of products, thus increasing potential sales conversions for the store owner.

If you want to turn your online store into a multi-seller platform, you’ll need to add an extension to add this advanced functionality.

There are many options out there. We’ll help you sift through the options with a list of the top 5 marketplace extensions. Make sure to check out our handy comparison table at the end!

Our Best 5 Magento 1 Marketplace Extensions Picks

CM Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension

The CM Marketplace Extension is the ultimate Mangeto store manager. It supports multiple vendors, allowing each vendor to upload products to your store and manage orders on the front-end.

How to Turn your Magento® Store into a Multi-Vendor MarketPlace from cmplugins on Vimeo.

Here are some key features:

  • Dropshipping allows suppliers to manage shipping methods and costs.
  • Front-end capabilities means suppliers can manage their products without logging in to the admin interface.
CM marketplace supplier product list

CM marketplace supplier product list

  • Both store admin and suppliers can manage products and track orders and sales with in-depth reporting.
CM marketplace admin panel

CM marketplace admin panel

  • Admin can set a default supplier fee or individual fees based on the supplier.
  • Vendors can create multiple product types, including simple, configurable, downloadable, and virtual products. They can also bulk upload products via CSV files.
Supplier add product page in CM marketplace

Supplier add product page in CM marketplace

  • Process payments using a single shopping cart system.
  • Customers can view information about a vendor, including product reviews and ratings.
Marketplace Multi-Vendor Manager Extension for Magento
M1 Marketplace Multi-Vendor Manager
Turn your online store into a Multi-vendor Marketplace with multiple supplier accounts that can create, update, track and manage products, orders and shipments, while maintaining exclusive admin capabilities.
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Magento Multi-User Account
M1 Multi User Account
Allow each of your employees to perform different actions in accordance to their role in the company without risking sensitive information by adding sub-users to your Magento® account.
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With this extension, vendors are able to control products and shipping while allowing store admin to retain the ability to make important decisions. To view the extension in action, visit the CM Marketplace Multi Vendor demo site.

Base price: $349, includes one year of support.

WebKul Marketplace Multi Vendor Module


Webkul Marketplace Multi Vendor converts your online store into one that supports multiple sellers and provides a separate seller portal on the front-end of your site.

Multiple sellers highlighted on front page

Multiple sellers highlighted on front page

Customers can rate and review different sellers. Sellers can customize their profile with a shop banner and logo and add unlimited products. Sellers can also change the shop URL.

In addition to the great features for sellers, this module allows admin to set different commission prices for different sellers. The admin has a variety of back-end management options.

Price for extension: $349

Vnecoms Marketplace Extension

The marketplace extension available from Vnecoms allows sellers to have a separate panel where they can manage products, sales, invoices, and shipments. Each seller can customize their storefront within your Magento® marketplace. Sellers can manage their stores from any device with a responsive panel.

Vendor sales reporting Vnecoms marketplace

Vendor sales reporting Vnecoms marketplace

Admin can group vendors, manage transactions, and create custom vendor registration forms from the back-end. Commission rates can be set for each group.

Managing vendor groups with Vnecoms marketplace

Managing vendor groups with Vnecoms marketplace

This extension boasts supporting the largest variety of product types, with sellers being able to add 6 different kinds of products.

Vnecoms offers different packages store owners can choose from. The platinum edition comes with many extras, including vendor reviews, live chat, various shipping options, and more. These features can also be purchased separately. It’s important to keep in mind this pricing model has the ability to become expensive.

Price for basic extension: $399

This price includes lifetime support and upgrades.

Apptha Marketplace


Apptha Marketplace is another popular Magento® marketplace extension available. As with other marketplace extensions, the seller space is separate from the Magento® back-end.

Store owners can set different commission rates for different vendors, view live sales updates, and approve seller requests. Admin can show labels for popular or new products, or show a count of how many products have been sold.

Seller information Apptha marketplace

Seller information Apptha marketplace

Social login, one-step checkout, and the ability of vendors to set deals make this a great marketplace extension. Vendors can view a dashboard that gives sales performance information. They can also customize their store page with a specific URL. This extension allows vendors to add 4 different product types.

Price: $499

It’s important to know this price only includes support for three months. Support for a year costs an extra $500, bringing the total cost for a year to $999.

Medma Marketplace


Medma Marketplace is another option to make your Magento® store into a multi-vendor marketplace. The extension creates a separate vendor area. In this panel, vendors can add all Magento® product types.

With this extension, each vendor has a profile page that shows highest selling products, product collections, and a vendor avatar. This extension has a built in rating and review system. Vendors have the ability to upload products in bulk and export all products in a CSV file. They can even set up a free shipping option!

Vendor profile and ratings

Vendor profile and ratings

Admin have a separate dashboard from vendors where they can manage and review seller activity. Admin have the ability to manually or automatically approve vendors and their products. They can also control the layout of product pages and verify vendors.

Price: $229



There are several good Magento® marketplace extensions out there. The majority offer many of the same features, including separate admin and seller areas, reporting, and admin moderation.

The main differences are price and available add-ons that can enhance the functionality of the marketplace feature.

In addition to evaluating the features an extension provides, it’s also important to consider extension support and the reputation of the developer. Make sure the company offers support from certified Magento® developers who have proven they know their stuff. Also, make sure the extension company is committed to updating their product, so you can make sure you always have the best marketplace possible.

Which marketplace extension is your favorite?