Vendor, Order Management and More - Top 5 Magento Extensions in 2019

Vendor, Order Management and More – Top 5 Magento Extensions in 2019

Magento is a wonderful eCommerce platform that empowers brands to quickly grow and be successful. There are hundreds of Magento extensions to choose from, but only a select few that are truly essential to eCommerce success and improve both your website and online presence overall.

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1) Marketplace Multi-Vendor Manager

This Marketplace Multi-Vendor Manager extension from CreativeMinds is excellent for building an online store into a multi-seller platform. The store can then sell products from multiple sellers which is more attractive to potential buyers and is a great way to advance revenue and overall online reach.

In addition, the Marketplace Multi-Vendor Manager extension can convert your online store into a B2B or B2C store, as well as have a separate seller portal and vendor dashboard to easily track orders and shipments. The extension is available for 1 live website and 2 test Magento hosts for $349.

2) Advanced Order Status Extension

The Advanced Order Status Extension is a great way to expand the limits Magento places on ordering, and allow your customers more transparency about the process. There are helpful templates for email notifications, and an unlimited number of different order statuses are available for more precuse order statuses.

The community edition is available for $89, and the installation fee is $49, with a demo that prospective customers can view. This extension is simple to install and use, and sends copies of orders to customers and vendors is a user friendly way.

3) Braintree Payments

Having a reliable and versatile payment gateway on your Magento site is essential for success, and Braintree Payments is the ideal choice for both large and small businesses. This payment extension allows users to checkout on your site with Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, PayPal Credit, Venmo, credit cards, debit cards and more.

BrainTree Payments offers stored payment detail management, so users can save their payment information for easier checkout in the future, as well as simply edit or update the information with a click of a button. Payment buttons can be customized and online refunding is included.

4) Knowledge Base for Magento

Aheadworks has developed a top rated Knowledge Base extension for Magento, and it includes organizing all categories, tags, articles, and questions into one helpful page or section on your website. This helpful FAQ extension is available for $199 with full customization.

Knowledge Base is a helpful extension to have, because having a FAQ page on your website can improve your business sales by up to 20%, according to statistics. All documentation is presented in an organized and helpful fashion, so many information users need is readily available online for them.

5) Multi-User Account Extension

The Multi-User Account extension from CreativeMinds is one of the more unique extensions available, as is allows admin to add sub users to an account and give those users specific roles. A top rated extension, it’s currently available for $119 for one live and two test Magento hosts with 1 year of updates and support.

One great feature of this extension is the ability to add multiple master accounts as well, in order to better manage the sub accounts. The sub users also have the ability to share cart details with other sub users, and the master account can approve all carts as well.


In conclusion, there are many Magento extensions that are vital for success in Magento, but extensions like FAQ, Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Knowledge Base, Multi-User Accounts, and Order Statuses are essential for getting customers to your website and having the ability to complete orders.