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Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin: Visual Updates + Bundle Discount

Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin: Visual Updates + Bundle Discount

The Tooltip Glossary WordPress plugin is one of the most dearly loved creations of CreativeMinds. Originally published in 2013, it is one of the company’s biggest hits, having helped over 100,000 users to boost their SEO while creating quality content easily. This month, we have many exciting updates and a special bundle discount!

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Tooltip Glossary works by allowing any website to host its own glossary of terms and definitions, and displaying them in an easy and engaging way. It can even be powered with its 8 add-ons, focused on enhancing visual customization, interaction with readers, usage tracking, among other features.

David Rashty, CEO of CreativeMinds and the plugin’s creator, recalls his first days working on it: “I remember that the first version was solid, but really basic. It’s amazing how far we got, and we are still improving it“.

Marcin Dudek, codeveloper on the project, expresses gratitude for the community: “The users’ feedback was paramount from day 1. Hearing from them taught us so much, and it was a pleasure to implement many requests”.

What’s new?

> In the last updates of the Pro, Pro+ and Ecommerce editions, two neat visual options were added:

  • Tooltip Glossary: Glossary Index View: Image Tiles View example

    Tooltip Glossary: Glossary Index View: Image Tiles View example

  • Glossary Term View: Sidebar Image template, which displays the featured image in the custom sidebar. An example:
  • Tooltip Glossary: Glossary Term View: Sidebar Image template

    Glossary Term View: Sidebar Image template

> Also, RTL (right to left) support was improved: now, it can changed through a simple toggle option. No more coding! This empowers the ever present Unicode-8 compatibility, highlighting how the plugin is ready to work with so many different languages.

> Are you are a Themify user? We fixed some compatibility issues, so make it beautiful!

> And, for those who dislike [brackets], abbreviations can now be shown between (parentheses).

What’s this talk about some discount?

Yes, before we forget! The ToolTip Glossary +8 Addon Bundle is now 12% off! To take advantage of this offer, simply head here.

This campaign ends on August 28th, so enjoy it while it’s on!

I want to know more about Tooltip Glossary

Its uses are many…

  • Creating quality content easily;
  • Becoming a more credible source;
  • Boosting SEO.

And so is its audience…

  • WordPress site owners who wish to simplify complex professional terms within their content;
  • WordPress bloggers who wish to neatly display and track affiliate links or product recommendations;
  • WordPress marketers who wants to increase SEO juice and generate content.
5 Ways to Boost your SEO by using a Glossary

5 Ways to Boost your SEO by using a Glossary

I want more!

Do you still have questions? Check our extensive plugin documentation and demos. Or, of course, talk with us! We would love to help.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.