How Tooltip Glossary Helps His Online Courses

How Tooltip Glossary Helps His Online Courses

Harald Borjans spent most of the last decade promoting workshops and online courses to teach people how to communicate better. This hands-on experience showed him that there is a huge interest in the topic, but that the classic training model is broken. So, he set out to create a different online learning experience. And for that, he enlisted the aid of CreativeMinds Tooltip Glossary for WordPress.

Harald Borjans, creator of the Online Academy for Communication

Harald Borjans, creator of the Online Academy for Communication

“Communication is a tool and, as any resource, creates misunderstanding and conflicts,” explains the teacher from Amsterdam.

“I then began thinking of ways to create the opposite: nonviolent communication, which seeks to avoid creating pain or power over the people involved,” he adds.

The Challenge: Engaging Students

Borjans used to organize workshops that would last from 3 to 5 days and include immersion and group activities. The instant feedback was great, but the long-lasting result was subpar: “It was not satisfying because the participants would forget the content. There is little engagement after that period.”

The teacher then found a better and more reliable fit with eLearning, as he could provide courses with a more flexible timeframe. “It actively supports you to identify and achieve your learning goals,” he says.

The product of this research is the Online Academy for Communication, which he launched this October along with fellow educators.

The Plan: Longer Courses With Handy Information

Tooltip Glossary allows pop-up definitions for any number of terms

Tooltip Glossary allows pop-up definitions for any number of terms (demo)

The platform offers video courses that span over several weeks in order to keep students committed.

One big challenge remained, however: during the courses, the teachers have to explain and apply many concepts and ideas, some of them quite complex.

How could they organize and display this information in a user-friendly way? Without depending on videos?

“We have to explain important words, for example, ‘empathy’. I don’t want the students to leave the page to check what it means. That’s because one of the keys for learning is that people stay in the educative environment – so they don’t become demotivated,” says Borjans.

Enter Tooltip Glossary.

“While studying this problem, I quickly discovered this beautiful plugin. I didn’t research much: I searched on Google for ‘Tooltip Glossary and there it was,” he recalls.

Tooltip Glossary example empathy elearning

Tooltip Glossary example with the term “empathy” explained with a pop-up: user doesn’t have to leave the page to see definition

The Result: “With Tooltip Glossary, The Information Is In My Hands”

Borjans says he is extremely happy with the Pro Version of the plugin: “Before, I could only find the information on other websites. Now the information is in my hands.”

The teacher also made sure to invest some time becoming familiar with the visual capabilities of the plugin to make the most of them. “Especially when you have the pro version, the layout gets a boost,” he exclaims happily.

Tooltip Glossary Index View Communication Customer Story

Tooltip Glossary has an Index View that can be listed alphabetically (demo)