Slope View And Proximity Search Arrive At The WordPress Routes Manager Plugin!

Slope View And Proximity Search Arrive At The WordPress Routes Manager Plugin!

The Routes Manager Plugin is the best known WordPress plugin for managing routes and trails. It allows users to display and share their routes and features integration with Strava, PeepSo and Buddypress, making it an ideal candidate for collaborative sites.

We are excited to announce two major features in the newest version of Routes Manager – showing Slopes in the altitude map and searching for routes based on the user’s location. That’s not all: we’ll also talk about cosmetic improvements and a new widget.

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New in Routes Manager: Showing Route Slopes

Slope visualization makes understanding routes easier than ever. Now the elevation graph highlights steeper stretches and shows the inclination/declination percentage.

You can enable this at any time, as seen here:

Users can configure how the slopes will appear by defining the minimum slope value and the granularity to be analyzed.

In practice, that allows graphs with a higher or lower density of slope markings.

Routes Manager slopes

Static example of the slope visualization

New in Routes Manager: Proximity Search

One of the plugin’s strongest feature has always been its flexible index page, boasting potent filters. This update further enhances the index by adding two sorting methods.

Browser message asking the user to share location

Browser message asking the user to share current location

Sorting by proximity displays first the routes that are closer to the user’s current location. This much requested feature ensures hikers can easily find relevant routes during their adventures and research.

It uses the browser’s geolocation API and requires the user’s permission to be enabled.

Sorting by rating was also added, benefitting especially the routes collections from active communities.

New in Routes Manager: Customizable Route Stroke Width

Who doesn’t like to personalize the presentation of a route?

It’s now possible to change the routes’ track width, making it thinner or thicker.

Users can now customize the route track width

Users can now customize the route track width

New in Routes Manager: Search Widget

Routes Manager's new search widget

Routes Manager’s new search widget

Finally, we present a new widget!

It allows users to search routes on the go, filtering them by ZIP Code, category, type and name, along other fields.

The plugin has now four widgets – the others are Menu, Tag Cloud and Related Routes.

With every update, the possibilities to improve the user’s experience grow more and more.