SEO Keyword Hound: Boost Productivity With Reports and Categories

SEO Keyword Hound: Boost Productivity With Reports and Categories

The SEO Keyword Hound has just received its 1.1.0 update, which includes CSV export, categories and event views on the graph.

The SEO Keyword Hound is an unique WordPress plugin – it’s the only SEO (search engine optimization) tool that tells you which keywords you should be using based on where your competitors already are. It does so by monitoring and comparing your page metrics over time so you can constantly learn which keywords SERPs love, and which ones they don’t.

David Rashty, CEO of CreativeMinds, says the features were all based on user requests. “This is a great step for The SEO Keyword Hound and these additions will benefit especially those who work in teams, such as content agencies. The new report functionality lets users export all the data from hundreds of pages with a single click, while being able to see each page SEO metrics and related events,” he adds.

We’ll discuss each new feature, but a reminder: all Keyword Hound users with an active license key can already update the plugin.

SEO Keyword Hound 1.1.0 Update

NEW: Export to CSV

Working with multiple pages? Now it’s possible to export all pages SEO metrics and events – including title, impressions, clicks, CTR, bounce rate, conversion, conversion values, tracked events and custom fields – to a single CSV file. The .csv format can be easily opened by most free and premium spreadsheet software, such as Google Drive, Microsoft Excel and OS Numbers.

SEO Keyword Hound 1.1.0 Update - Exported CSV file

Sample exported CSV file

It only takes a single click to export this rich data, and you have a series of filters available to make sure only the most relevant and information is exported.

SEO Keyword Hound 1.1.0 Update - Export

Exporting options

Learn more from the user guide: SEO Keyboard Hound – How To – Export a CSV Report.

NEW: Categories

In previous updates, we’ve introduced many interface tweaks to help organizing pages, such as row colors and custom fields. Now the task is even easier with categories!

It works like this: each page/post can be assigned to one or more categories. Then, on the dashboard, you can order and filter all pages by categories, making it easy to find that one page.

SEO Keyword Hound 1.1.0 Update - Categories

Highlighted Categories column in the dashboard

Categories are versatile and can be used for any kind of information. For instance, topic (e.g. Healthcare, IT, Infrastructure), person responsible for that page (e.g. John, Mary) or degree of importance (e.g. 1 – High, 5 – Low).

Learn more from the documentation: SEO Keyword Hound – Dashboard (Macro View).

NEW: Graph Event View

Without a doubt, graphs are the best way to make sense of the historic data of impressions, CTR bounce rate and more of your pages. With the 1.1.0 update, events are now displayed on the graphs as well, making it more easy to understand the impacts of your edits to the overall SEO quality of the page.

SEO Keyword Hound 1.1.0 Update - Graph Event Data

Black line shows event on graph

SEO Keyword Hound Plugin Overview

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