"Price", "Rating" And More... Add Custom Fields To Your Favorite Locations!

“Price”, “Rating” And More… Add Custom Fields To Your Favorite Locations!

Ever wanted to create your own Yelp-like website? You can now add prices, ratings and other information about your favorite locations with the new Location Manager Custom Fields Add-on For WordPress.

The add-on expands on the Google Maps Multi Markers and Store Locater Plugin and lets the admin create an unlimited number of custom fields.

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Custom Fields In a Location Page

Custom Fields in a Location Page

Custom fields can be of three types: small text fields, multi-line text fields and ratings. This flexible system allows for fields like “Price”, “Impressions”, “Quality”, “Safety”, “Service”, “Mobile Phone” and much more.

You can also filter all your locations based on the rating fields you added. That way, users can choose to see only restaurants with high scores on “Service” or amusement parks with low “Thrill” values.

With Location Manager Custom Fields, even big collections of locations can be organized in the best way possible.

Use Examples

  • Restaurant Review – Add the 5-grade scale fields “Cost-benefit”, “Quality”, “Service” and a multiple line field “Review” to inform your readers about the venues you’ve visited. Just like Yelp or Google Maps!
  • Traveling Blog – Add the text field “Tourist Tips” to help fellow travelers. Then, add the fields “Accessibility” and “Best Time to Visit” for the complete service.
  • Journal – Add the text field “Best Memories” to locations that made a good impression on you.
  • And much more!