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CreativeMinds stands behind many successful WordPress Plugins. You can find CM WP Plugins in the WordPress.org catalog as well as in our plugins.cminds.com dedicated WordPress Plugins Catalog.

CM Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin CM Tooltip Glossary
Creates a Glossary of dictionary definitions and encyclopedia feeds to help explain the meaning or context of your terms. Shows the definitions of words upon hover-over. Connects with several API’s for dictionary, translation and encyclopedia feeds.
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Cm Answers WordPress Plugin CM Answers Pro
A powerful plugin for Discussion Boards and Q&A forums in WordPress. Allows members to post questions, answers and comment. Administrators can moderate questions & answers. With multiple file uploads, log & statistics, social media login, user profiles and user votes. Plugin supports Mobile devices and is fully responsive.
Learn how to create, post, develop a Q&A questions answers Wordpress blog system Plugin
CM Download Manager WordPress Plugin CM Download Manager
The ultimate WordPress plugin for managing uploads and downloads to your site. Allows visitors to preview media files before downloading. Admins can manage member access permissions and moderate uploads of files and file types to your WP website.
Learn how to manage, track, organize download files using a WordPress Plugin Solution
CM Ad Changer WordPress Plugin CM Ad Changer
The best WordPress plugin for managing and running banner ad campaigns across multiple WordPress websites. With both server and client sides, you can manage banner rotation & resizing. Supports HTML / Video / Text banners. Dashboard includes statistics on clicks, impressions and server load.
Learn how to manage online banner ads campagins across multiple WordPress Sites tutorial
CM MicroPayments Platform CM MicroPayment Platform
CM Micropayment Platform adds the support for your own “virtual currency”. The purpose of this plugin is to allow in-site transactions without the need to process payments with an external payments each time (quicker & easier). Both CM Answers & CM Download Manager integrate with CM Micropayment. Developer can use it as a platform to integrate with their own plugins.
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