New Magento® Reviews Extension Will SkyRocket Your Product Credibility!

New Magento® Reviews Extension Will SkyRocket Your Product Credibility!

How can product reviews help your site? There are a lot of ways!

Product reviews are one of the most trusted sources of information for customers, as they originate from people who have actually used the product and are not affiliated with the store. Good product reviews are well known for their power to increase conversion rates and generate sales, as they make both your product, shipping, and customer service far more reliable.

The challenge is getting your customers to leave their product review in the first place. No, this doesn’t mean sending email after email in an effort to annoy the customer into leaving a review. It can be as simple as providing an incentive for customers to leave reviews.

CreativeMinds has an answer to this problem. A new Product Reviews Extension for Magento® that motivates all customers to leave their reviews while the purchase is still fresh in their mind!

The CM Product Review Incentives Extension

Our Magento Reviews Extension encourages your customers to leave their product review by automatically sending them a feedback request when they’ve made a purchase on your Magento store. The feedback request includes a special coupon code which will only be activated after their feedback is submitted and approved.

This can increase the amount of product reviews in your online store. It can also increase sales from returning customers and new customers who read the reviews.

Product Review Incentives Campaign

Using this extension, you can set up a custom product review incentive campaign, where a feedback request will be sent to all past consumers who’ve made a purchase but have not yet left any product review.

Alternatively, you can define which customers you want to send the feedback request to. This can be sorted by the purchased product or product category, Geo-location or be sent to specific users that you select. You can also edit and modify the coupon code at any given time, and create a number of different notification templates for different customer groups.

Product review incentives template - Product Review Incentives Campaign - New Magento® Reviews Extension Will SkyRocket Your Product Credibility!

Create a Feedback request alert template

Product Review Notification

Unlike the default Magento product review widget, CM product review will notify you as soon as customer feedback is submitted. You will then be able to edit their review and approve it for publication on the product page, and once that’s done, your customers will be able to use their coupon code on the next purchase they make on your store.

Product Review Incentives Logs & Statistics

Like in all of our other extensions for Magento®, you will receive regular reports with statistic information on how well your review incentive campaigns are doing, so that you can modify the content of both the feedback request and the incentive terms in a way that best suits your needs.

Magento Reviews Extension - sent notifications grid

Once you’ve collected a number of good costumer reviews per each product, you will begin to experience the rise in conversion rate and increase your sales. Good luck!