Route Manager for WordPress Reaches New Heights With Exciting Release

Route Manager for WordPress Reaches New Heights With Exciting Release

We are happy to announce version 3.0 of the Route manager Plugin, which has just been released.

From an enhanced Elevevation Graph to sharing capabilities, this release includes a long list of new features and bug fixes. They make the experience of creating and sharing routes on WordPress even smoother! Check the highlights below:

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Share the Routes Anywhere

You can now embed routes on other websites. This works by enabling a “Share” button, which provides an Iframe code that works on any site, not only WordPress. Here is an example of this code of a route taken from our demo site.

And another example

Advanced Elevation Graph

The elevation graph has been improved and now includes the option to place a cursor on the graph and show the location on the route itself. It’s also possible to do the inverse – to place the mouse on the route and show the height on the graph.

Showing height on the route elevation graph

Showing height on the Route Manager Elevation Graph

Additional Shortcodes on Route Manager

We have added many new shortcodes to the plugin. They will help you embed the route itself or create an index of all your routes on any page or posts. The shortcodes also come with parameters to better control the appearance of the maps. The information about each shortcode can be found in the route edit post itself for easier use.

Additional shortcode support

Advanced Integration with Location Manager

We have added more support to integrate the Route Manager with the Location Manager plugin. It let’s you show specific locations on the route page itself.

Integration between Route Manager and Location Manager

Enhanced GPX Files Support

We have enhanced the support for importing and exporting GPX files within Route Manager. Now the plugin fetches both waypoints and locations from them.

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