Write Multiple Meanings, Share Tooltips Pick Icons in Tooltip Glossary

Write Multiple Meanings, Share Tooltips Pick Icons in Tooltip Glossary

The Glossary Plugin is already 4 years old. Over this period, we are proud to say that it has been installed on thousands of platforms and is CreativeMinds’ most selling product.

Even so, we are constantly investing time in improving our products. This is mostly based on feedback we are receiving from our customers and also on our own product ideas as we are also users of this product in all our sites.

And, as a reflection of that, we are happy to announce the new release 3.7 of the Glossary Plugin which includes major additions as well as many small fixes and tweaks.

New Tooltip Glossary Features

Share and Embed Tooltips

The first highlight is the share option. You can now allow users to display dictionary terms on their site using an embed code, which can be taken from any term page of your glossary.

As an example, here is an embedded term from one of our demo sites.

An embedded tooltip will be updated every time the original term is modified. That can save a great deal of time wasted on constantly updating content.

This feature will work on every page that supports iFrames.

Multiple Meanings

A much requested feature, now each term can have multiple meanings.

Tooltip can show all different meanings

Example of term with three meanings (Click to Enlarge)

This powerful feature is ideal for complex glossaries and addresses ambiguity in an elegant way. It ensures that different definitions don’t get cluttered inside the same term. The possibilities are endless!

For example, consider the Game of Thrones franchise. When adding it to a glossary, one option is to create just one term and mention it is a collection of books, a TV series, some video games, and more.

Now, however, it’s possible to create separate terms for each one of these media.

Icons in Tooltip Glossary

This next feature works wonderfully in tandem with the multiple meanings – and not only.

Users can select a dashicon for each term

Example of terms with icons

Users can now choose an icon to make each term stand out. The uses are many: beautify the glossary, provide a visual cue of the definition, differentiate between multiple meanings…

The rich WordPress dashicon library is fully supported, meaning the editor and the audience don’t have to deal with uploading and downloading images.

Enhanced Accessibility

And last, but not least, is the possibility to navigate through tooltips using only the keyboard.

This feature is usually called tabbing navigation and can be useful for users who can’t use a mouse or who simply prefer pressing keys.

This is done as in every website: simply press the Tab keyboard key to focus the next content. Using the combination Shift+Tab will return to the previous element.

Navigating through tooltips with the Tab key


And some smaller bits:

  • It’s now possible to disable comment per each term page.
  • Better mobile support.
  • New setting for greater compatibility with page builders.

For more information about Tooltip Glossary, check the product page and its documentation page.