Micro GIS Solution

Simple and easy tailored solution to handle a small GIS (Geographic Information System)

Share geographical information inside your organization or with your customers
Add custom fields to locations and create routes

Our Micro GIS solution includes all you need to start building your own mapping solution based on Google Maps and share it inside your business or with your customers

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How can my organization benefit
from having a GIS system

  • A GIS (Geographic Information System) is all about maps with rich data that can be easily updated.
  • Our Micro GIS solution includes the infrastructure of Google Maps showing your defined locations and routes organized by categories.
  • By creating a GIS system supported by a WordPress map site, you offer your own defined users the opportunity to view and share useful information.
  • You can also monetize your solution by offering paid subscriptions

  • Add tiles/layers to your maps and show additional information with stunning visuals.


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Community Solution

Let your community share the most exciting routes and locations in your region in a dedicated social network.

Visitors can register as members, suggest new routes or locations and organize their favorite paths by difficulty, beauty, or other criteria you choose.

You control the social network with PeepSo or BuddyPress, and users can post their own suggestions and interact.

Perfect for bikers, hikers, travelers and everything in between.

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Business GIS

Store all your business information on a Map: address, contact information, opening hours and images.

Share the map with your customers or employees and let them suggest new locations. Lock sensitive information to logged in users only.

Let users add information directly from a mobile device or by connecting an external application to our GIS API.

Perfect for small or medium businesses, which benefit from tracking all information in one place.

What Should I Expect From This Offer?

The Micro GIS Solution offers you the complete package

  • We install and configure the solution on your server according to your requirements and provide support during the whole process
  • The basic package grants you a site with one or multiple Google Maps showing multiple routes and locations
  • Visitors can register and use a social media platform that you control (either PeepSo or BuddyPress)
  • If you have extra requests, CreativeMinds evaluates the best and most cost-effective way to implement them.

Process: How We Match Our Micro GIS Solution To Your Needs

Call about requirements icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Call About Requirements

We have an in-depth conversation about your needs and turn them into a plan

Developing Missing Components icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Developing Missing Components

We adjust our solution and add any missing functionality to match your requirements

Selecting the Tools icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Selecting the Tools

We choose from our wide range of existing plugins and proprietary modules

Testing icon - Micro GIS Listing Solution - CreativeMinds


We test our package to make sure the it matches the initial requirements

Integration with 3rd Party icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Integration with 3rd Party

We integrate any required third-party API (Google Api, Weather and other related API)

Installation icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds


We install our solution on the target server and in a testing environment if needed

Member Listing Out-of-the-box Functionality

Installation and Configuration icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Installation and Configuration

Install and configure our solution on your target servers

API Support icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

API Support

Additional support for External API calls for adding locations remotely (for instance, from mobile devices)

Application Design

We assist with implementing a new professional design on the section dedicated to the listing

Tailored Search and Filters icon - Micro GIS Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Tailored Search and Filters

Search, rank and filter members. Perfect for organizations with massive amounts of data

Custom field icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Custom Fields

Create custom fields, such as “Accolades” or “Awards” or “References”, to describe experts

Training Session icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Training Session

If you feel overwhelmed, we can have a single one-on-one session to show you the ropes

Users Can Edit and Suggest icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Users Can Edit and Suggest

Let users edit and suggest new members, given that you approve each request made

Community Plugins Integration - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Community Plugins Integration

Integrate the solution with BuddyPress or PeepSo to facilitate your community mapping needs

Support and Documentation icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Support and Documentation

We provide in-depth documentation covering every setting present in the tools

Micro GIS Costs

Micro GIS Configuration and Installation

Tailored Solution
Buildup, Configuration and Installation
  • Requirements analysts session
  • Any additional custom field
  • Tailored search filters
  • Design and template adjustments
  • Social plugin integration
  • User registration and roles support
  • Installation and configuration support
  • Up to 10 hours of additional development
  • All required CM plugins and addons license
  • Online training session
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Our Solution Includes the Following
WordPress Plugins With All Their Add-ons

Routes Manager icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Routes Manager

Draw routes and generate a catalog of map routes and trails with points of interest

Registration and Invitation Codes icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Registration and Invitation Codes

Manage invitations and add a customizable user registration and login pop-up box

Location Manager - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Locations Manager

Place multiple locations, pins, or points of interest on a Google Map

Access and Content Restriction icon - Micro GIS Solution - CreativeMinds

Access and Content Restriction

Lock away exclusive content or the whole site and give access only to valued members

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